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Full Name: Roy Young
Nationality: South African
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Jon Paris
Time Span: 2014 - 2016


Roy Young is a security consultant.

At times he has also been referred to as a military contractor.

Some could say that he is a mercenary but since that term has for quite some time been used as a pejorative, Young identifies himself as a "private training consultant and for-hire military operative".

When we first meet him, on a short flashback to his starting days, he is 22 years old and described as "already well developed physically. At six foot two and 190 pounds, there was no fat, just muscle. His chiseled face was highlighted with azure-blue eyes beneath dark, heavy eyebrows. Although he'd been born in the UK, his years in South Africa had earned him a sallow tone, allowing him to tan well-a useful attribute that complemented a military lifestyle. It also saved time and money on sunblock. His fair-haired mane had been chopped to generic army-issue number-one length. Whether in army khaki or in an Armani tuxedo, Roy looked complete and confident."

The storyline then leaps back to the present and the year 2010, 21 years later and a much older and considerably wiser Young leaving the days of military training and getting himself involved in, though through no wish of his, in intrigue on a higher level. This includes matters inside the Vatican and even a call from an old adversary now needing his help - the President of the United States.

The adventures of Roy Young qualify for membership in this compendium because the ones that we are able to follow take him out of his 'comfort zone' and toss him into the cloak & dagger environment.

He will even come to a stage in his career that he will be asked to lead an international intelligence task force. I mean, when called directly by POTUS and asked to do it, you could say no, of course, but then again, can you, really?


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2016

1 Middle Of Nowhere Middle Of Nowhere
Written by Jon Paris
Copyright: 2014

As a contract operative, Roy Young lead a mission to free a Soviet oligarch from a gulag. This unfortunately started a plan to set the man up as the next Russian president and to twist the global energy markets. Now it will fall to Young and his former girlfriend, Melanie, a stock-market analyst, to find a way to keep Russia and the U.K. from going to war.
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2 The Vatican Deception The Vatican Deception
Written by Jon Paris
Copyright: 2014

Roy Young was about to start consulting in a training role when he is persuaded by a young Italian prosecutor to help look into a matter that drops him into a web of intrigue at the Vatican and pits him and her against the Cardinal running the Vatican Bank and a Monaco-based head of a major pharmaceutical conglomerate, all over the commercialization of stem cell research.
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3 The Cryonic Deposition The Cryonic Deposition
Written by Jon Paris
Copyright: 2016

The assassination of the Prime Minister of Japan just days before a major G7 summit in Belgium results in an international task force being established to hunt down the killers. Roy Young is part of that force and is teamed up with Karolina Bacha, an agent with Czech Intelligence.
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Getting involved in matters dealing directly with the Russian President, the Pope, and the American President might make someone believe they operate in pretty high, rarified air. Not Roy Young. That man is pretty grounded. Which might be why he is not necessarily liked by those in charge but he is the kind of man they know to call when they really are up against it.

These are good solid adventures, worth the day or two each takes to complete. The kind of books that, when you finish, you nod to yourself knowing you did good reading them.


My Grade: B


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