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Full Name: Thomas Bladen
Nationality: British
Organization: Surveillance Support Unit
Occupation Agent

Creator: Derek Thompson
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


First Look:
       Thomas Bladen is an agent with the U.K.'s Surveillance Support Unit.
       Technically he is but his specialty is surveillance so if you normally saw Bladen out in the field on an operation, it would be him watching the bad guy. If you were the bad guy, smile nicely for the camera because Bladen is pretty good at his job and if you are the assignment, he has you covered.
       That is on the positive side of the Bladen ledger. On the other side is the fact that his boss at the department is his ex-girl friend. Actually maybe closer to his boss's boss since his new immediate boss is the guy that she left Bladen for so that does make for an interesting situation at work.
       Luckily for Bladen he will soon have a whole of worse things to concentrate on, like people trying to kill him, which he is against, and people trying to kill innocent people while he is watching which he is also against though not quite as much.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 Standpoint Standpoint
Written by Derek Thompson
Copyright: 2015

Thomas Bladen works for MI-5 in the surveillance field. He watches people for a living. On one such assignment, he witnesses a shooting but saying something about it opens a huge can of worms and draws his girl friend into the mess along with Bladen. Now he must decide who can be trusted to help save her and who is really on the other side.
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2 Line Of Sight Line Of Sight
Written by Derek Thompson
Copyright: 2015

Once again Thomas Bladen is drawn into a case further than his normal surveillance work would warrant. Amy Johanson is killed during a weapons test. Accident or something worse? Bladen is determined to find the truth but doing so gets a some powerful people upset and puts him and his girlfriend once more in a lot of danger.
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3 Cause & Effect Cause & Effect
Written by Derek Thompson
Copyright: 2015

The father of Thomas Bladen's girlfriend, Miranda, asks for his help investigating an attack on a child. That person is the offspring of a drug dealer but as Bladen looks further into the matter, he learns a lot more than he might like about Miranda's past and throws him deep into shadow state.
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4 Shadow State Shadow State
Written by Derek Thompson
Copyright: 2016

When Thomas Bladen works in his profession as an MI5 surveillance expert, he often see strange things. When he see a car thief scoping out a car that has a baby in the backseat, Bladen has just a split-second to decide to act and when he does he finds the result to be another run in with the Shadow State.
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5 Flashpoint Flashpoint
Written by Derek Thompson
Copyright: 2018

Thomas Bladen is having a very bad time lately. His department is being absorbed into another one. His girlfriend is gone. He has lost track of a handgun while monitoring a major politician. And then two of his colleagues disappear. Very bad time.
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