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Full Name: Ethan Shaw
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Justin Eger
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


     Ethan Shaw is an agent with the CIA.

Is and then was not too far into the first recorded adventure. Someone higher up did not want him to succeed and so sabotaged the mission. Then Shaw found himself disavowed in a hostile environment and locked away in a prison for who know how long.

     Shaw had to figure it was nothing personal about the whole mess since he had not been an agent long enough to make the kind of enemy who would go to so much trouble just to land him in a foreign jail. Still, here he was potentially preparing to rot behind those bars so Shaw had to realize that it all was pretty personal to him.

That is when Julian Echo came to call with an offer. Echo wanted Shaw to work for him. He likely had come to the prison to get another inmate out, a man named John Ransom, about whom other adventures have been written, but he took the time to make the offer of employment to Shaw as well.

     Shaw was obviously confused by Echo and the job offer and all the things going on around him but being a pretty intelligent man, Shaw decided that whatever Echo had planned for him, being out of prison was better than in.

Notable comments:

"We operate as ghosts, Ethan. We can only be as good as the wreckage we leave in our wakes, not the trails we leave behind. And you, kid, have a pretty big trail behind you right now."

When going undercover, "You're already out of place, simply by being someone pretending to be someone else."

"Most of [the intelligence agencies] are worried about getting the credit or shifting the blame, whichever seems more reasonable at the time."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 Echo In Shadow Echo In Shadow
Written by Justin Eger
Copyright: 2015

When the mission Ethan Shaw is on goes very badly, he is not only abandoned by the Agency, he is also stuck in a prison in another country. Determined to get out and find who betrayed him, Shaw is surprised to be helped by a mysterious person who has his own agenda.
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2 Echo In The Machine Echo In The Machine
Written by Justin Eger
Copyright: 2018

Still out to find the man who betrayed him, Ethan Shaw follows the trail to Australia where he lands in the midst of a hunt for a computer program that can access information a whole lot of very bad people want and will kill for.
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     The issues I have with this two book series are the same as the ones I had with the John Ransom series. They were entertaining and filled with lots of action but I got the feeling that I was watching a movie having sat down a part of the way through and there was a piece or two of the story I really should have heard.

     I may at some point take another shot at this series because I really do want to like it more than I did. And if it was actually my fault for not getting it, well, my apologies to the author.


My Grade: B


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