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Full Name: J. C. Bannister
Codename: The Fixer
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Assassin

Creator: Rex Carpenter
Time Span: 2015 - 2020


J. C. Bannister is a contract assassin.

He prefers words like 'solutionist' which is an actual real word (I looked it up) but it is used far more often for people who solve puzzles, not people who kill people. Bannister's take on the matters is "Sometimes the solution to a person's problem is a dead body. Sometimes dead bodies occur on the path to said solution. But killing is rarely the goal. Solving the problem is."

Bannister is really good at solving problems. He modestly attributes his success to working "with a loose team of other specialists whose skills compliment my own. Where I have deficiencies, they have strengths, and vice versa". He further specifies to a client that he does not "kill indiscriminately. There are lines that I will not cross". He also informs that client that "I don't enjoy killing, but it is a marketable skill."

Bannister, six feet tall and in superb athletic condition, is a former Army Ranger who was taught how to kill by the military and more or less when to kill by the Agency. He learned how to make it all profitable mostly on his own.

He has three very close friends working with him and having his back and so much more. Duke, Joan, and Kowalski make up Bannister's team and together they are one heckuva force. There had been another member of the team, Gorman, but he had been killed in Indonesia just before the start of the first recorded adventured. The team has been operating quite successfully for several years (likely seven with Joan and three with Duke) by the time we first meet them.

Note that Bannister's membership in this compendium does not come from the fact that he is ex-CIA but because the problems to be solved by him and his team all fit firmly in the criteria. Invariably, it seems, at some point in each assignment Bannister will end up working either for an intelligence organization or against one.

Good Lines:
Bannister muses to himself, "One of the rules of business all over the world - you don't have to like the client."


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Fixer: Season 1 The Fixer: Season 1
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2015

J.C. Bannister was no stranger to killing, for country or for money. When he is offered to kill a U.S. Senator for a good deal of money, he might have accepted the contract if the politician was not a friend. Before anything was agreed upon, Bannister and his people were double-crossed and on the run from just about everybody. So the time was right to find the ones behind it all.
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2 Duke: The Education of an Assassin Duke: The Education of an Assassin
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2015

Duke Ellsworth had killed before. Having been an Army Ranger in combat, it went with the uniform. He had never killed for money before, though, and it did not sit well. But when caught in the webs weaved by the CIA, nothing is a good answer.
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3 Joan: Portrait of a Vengeful Young Woman Joan: Portrait of a Vengeful Young Woman
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2015

Joan was finally happy with where life had landed her. She had a good home working with an organization she was pleased with. Then her boss decided to get into the human trafficking business and that is something she could not stomach.

4 The Fixer: Season 2 The Fixer: Season 2
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2017

The latest bit of work that J.C. Bannister was involved in was very lucrative with two parties paying his bill, a Bolivian drug lord and a retired U.S. Army general. Then those two decided to work together to eliminate Bannister and his team. Staying alive was a challenge, made more so when the CIA agent brought in to replace him decides Bannister must go away permanently.
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5 The Fixer: Season 3 The Fixer: Season 3
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2017

The evidence against the U.S. Ambassador to England proving him guilty of murder and espionage was pretty damning. The man had made some powerful enemies. He needs someone as powerful and more deadly than them. He needs J.C.Bannister and his friends.
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6 The Fixer: Season 4 The Fixer: Season 4
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2018

It would take quite a bit for J.C.Bannister to accept a job that took into the most inhospitable country in the world, North Korea. But the money was good and so was the need to get out of the way for a while, considering he had several people out to kill him at home.
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7 The Fixer: Season 5 The Fixer: Season 5
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2018

It is not wise to cross J.C.Bannister. One government bigwig did just that and Bannister is determined to knock the man down a few pegs before taking him out for good. The only question is how long will he wait before destroying the man who got his friends killed.
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8 The Fixer: Season 6 The Fixer: Season 6
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2018

While wanting to concentrate on killing his nemesis, the General, J.C.Bannister is 'distracted' when the CIA comes knocking, wanting him to remove a problem, namely a former Deputy Director of the Agency. That man, though, has a lot of experience in staying alive and fighting back.
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9 The Fixer: Season 7 The Fixer: Season 7
Written by Rex Carpenter
Copyright: 2020

"Brought out of self-imposed semi-retirement, JC Bannister accepts a contract for the protection of a high-profile businessman in a hostile environment. When the death threats against the billionaire explode across Buenos Aires into harsh, bloody reality, Bannister and his nascent team must battle their way through the South American jewel towards safety and an ever-decreasing chance at making
it home alive."
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There's something wrong with me that I enjoy this series about a team of assassins.

I'd like to say it is the easy, smooth, and pleasurable writing style that the author gives each of his "seasons" of adventures. Once you read him, you see what I mean. The pages flow by very quickly. The action is fast and on you before you know it and then gone again just as quickly, often leaving you breathing hard.

But it could be that I like the idea of somebody sort of under my control (I mean, I can close the book whenever I want, right) having that kind of power.

Nah, nothing so deep. These are just fun books!


My Grade: B+


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