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Full Name: Michael Poe
Nationality: American
Organization: Homeland Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: Shawn Raymond Poalillo
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Michael Poe is an agent with Homeland Security.

When we first meet him, Special Agent Poe is an ambitious "twenty-four years old and impatient" man who "wanted to light the world on fire". In his mind he has yet to do it but in the minds of his superiors, he has definitely set something on fire one too many times. Poe, it seems, attracts trouble and the occasional spot of mayhem a bit too often.

For being still so relatively young, it is surprising that Poe is already an experienced field agent who has acquired a bit of a reputation. He is known to be someone who got the job done but, unfortunately for his supervisors who have to handle the paperwork, things tended to get messy when he is around. Mind you, he does not instigate the mayhem but he is definitely not someone to walk away from it.

And if the trouble-makers should flee the scene and pursuit looked important and Poe had no immediate transportation of his own, he was not the least bit reluctant to 'borrow' any car or motorcycle convenient. Of course more often than not the vehicle is not in the same condition after his use but that is usually the fault of the chased.

It would not be said of Poe that he is especially patient. And being annoyed or bristling at his superiors is not an uncommon condition. Luckily for his evaluations, Poe usually gets the job done.

Working with Poe on each of his missions so far is his best friend, fellow Special Agent Robert Griffin, a man one year older than Poe and quite a bit different in personality and temperament but the two work extremely well together and their lists of successful assignments speak for themselves.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

1 Rerun Rerun
Written by Shawn Raymond Poalillo
Copyright: 2015

Why did a Jewish stockbroker leave bombs in a few fast food restaurants? Who is sending diseased birds using the U.S. mail? Homeland Security sends agent Michael Poe to check into both and he learns there is a connection which heralds a new onslaught against America.
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2 The Girl With The Black Mark The Girl With The Black Mark
Written by Shawn Raymond Poalillo
Copyright: 2017

When an Egyptian female archaeologist is kidnapped, Homeland Security agent Michael Poe is asked to look into the abduction. He will learn there is something very special about the birthmark that she bears, one that her mother had and her grandmother and so on for many generations.
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3 The Five Horsemen The Five Horsemen
Written by Shawn Raymond Poalillo
Copyright: 2018

The murder of a billionaire results in his daughter, Jennifer, inheriting not only his incredible wealth but also his part in a conspiracy that can change the world and not necessarily for the better. She finds she needs some major help and there is only one person she can turn to. That man, Michael Poe, had promised himself he never talk to her again.
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4 The Vatican Cop The Vatican Cop
Written by Shawn Raymond Poalillo
Copyright: 2019

Back in 325 A.D., as the Roman Empire was embrasing the Catholic church, a special agreement was reached and then hidden from view because its contents could have a tremendous impact on the world. Now that agreement has gone missing and Homeland Security agent Michael Poe is invited to the Vatican to lead the search to get it back before horrible damage is done.
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The plots of the quartet of adventures are quite interesting and varied which is a plus to the author. The writing is good and easy which keeps the story flowing; no long descriptions of anything so the reader has to fill in the blanks.

I would have liked a bit more information about Poe and his partner so that I could understand them better, especially the star, Poe, because I was never quite sure whether I liked him that much or not. Oddly I got a bit better image of Griffin in my head than Poe.


My Grade: B


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