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Full Name: Jacques Duvall
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Val West
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Jacques Duvall is an agent with the British Secret Service.

MI6. SIS. Call it what you want. It's the intelligence agency that has the Lego building on the Thames. You've heard of it.

It is run by a fellow named 'M'. No full name given and none needed. Use the letter and everyone knows who you are talking about.

He runs a special section inside the organization that has specialized operatives trained to handle any sort of emergency and authorized to eliminate enemies as he or she sees fit. These special agents are given code-numbers to identify them.

Jacques Duvall is 006.

Duvall is a mutt. That is what Françoise Dupree calls him when they first introduce each other. Father was British. Mother was French. They fell for each other immediately and Jacques was the result. "My father was a British Intelligence agent for Her Majesty's Service and he got me in when I was young, right out of school. You know what they say, 'Like father, like son'. I worked my way up over the years and I've been doing this kind of work for a long time now."

The Dupree mentioned above is a French intelligence agent who works with Duvall on the first recorded adventure we have of him; product of a French father and an Iranian mother so she adds Farsi to the language mix the couple have. They get quite close in that adventure and remain so for all the adventures we have of Duvall.

Just like other agents with a designation starting with '00', Duvall definitely get around the planet on his assignments. Unlike at least one other such agent, Duvall is a one-woman man from the moment he meets the lovely Dupree and it is a good thing, too, because she is also a very, very capable woman.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 Vanished Into Thin Air Vanished Into Thin Air
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2015

Malaysian Flight 370 has gone missing after leaving Kuala Lumpur en route Beijing. MI6 has evidence that it was hijacked to Afghanistan to snatch 20 weapons experts onboard. Jacques Duvall is sent to find the truth and rescue any survivors.
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2 Operation Hammerhead Operation Hammerhead
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2015

Someone very unhappy with the French president has hired a Bulgarian contract killer known as the Shark to eliminate him. MI6 sends Jacques Duvall to Paris to help find and stop the killer.
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3 The Baravitch Dossier The Baravitch Dossier
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2016

Now stationed in Paris to be with his fiancée, Françoise, Jacques Duvall is called to the Embassy because the wife of a Russian intelligence agent has shown up with info concerning an upcoming terror attack on Bastille Day. Who and how, though, is sketchy and that date is only two weeks away.
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4 Voyage Into Fear Voyage Into Fear
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2016

The President of France has appealed to MI6 agent Jacques Duvall to look into the kidnapping of the Prime Minister's wife. Evidence points to her being used to get ransom money to pay for upcoming terror attacks.
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5 Passport To Revenge Passport To Revenge
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2016

ISIS has claimed credit for the loss of a Russian airliner returning from the Egyptian resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh. Jacques Duvall is asked by the Russian Embassy in Paris to join with a Russian agent and Egyptian intelligence to look into what the motive was and stop any further attacks.
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6 Peligroso Peligroso
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2017

MI6 recalls Jacques Duvall to its headquarters for a vital mission in the Bahamas. Two people have disappeared. One is a German nuclear physicist and the other is the local MI6 station chief looking into the first person's vanishing. Duvall will work with the CIA on this delicate matter as there are worries of an upcoming attack on the U.S.
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7 Vagabond Thief Spy Vagabond Thief Spy
Written by Val West
Copyright: 2018

MI6 puts Jacques Duvall in an unpleasant situation - investigating whether his very good friend, George, is really a double agent for Russia. This will take him to Morocco and a trail that will have enough twists to be a pretzel.
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Jacques Duvall's adventures are a homage to the James Bond presented to us by the creator, Ian Fleming. This is supposition on my part but it is an educated guess. '006'. Works for a man codenamed 'M'. Secretary to the boss who lightly flirts with, and flirted back at by, Duvall. All makes sense.

And in keeping with one printed edition of the books back then, the covers are distinct.

Now the plots are pretty good and the action is solid and the bad guys definitely bad. I enjoyed them and would not mind having one or two more in the future.


My Grade: B+


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