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Full Name: Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones
Series Name: Department X
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Lock
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones are agents with MI-6.

More specifically they are operatives inside the relatively new division with the mysterious sounding name of 'Department X'. That group was "a combination of MI6, MI5 and other British security forces, set up to share information and resources with other secret service agencies throughout the world". As such its members were getting used to spending a lot of time overseas, often working with operatives from other nations. On the surface this would sound like a good idea, and possibly was, since these other agents would often have more knowledge of the terrain and the people. However, it also meant having to trust and rely on people they had never met before and could not say with any confidence were worthy of that trust.

At the start of the first recorded adventure, Rhodes and Jones may have known each other but there is no evidence they had worked as a team before but from their first get-together the camaraderie was evidence as was the assurance they had each other's back.

While neither of these operatives are by any sense old, both likely in their late 20s or very early 30s, Rhodes is the more senior of the two. He has been with the SIS for most of his adult life and has as one of his skillsets being an accomplished sniper.

Jones definitely has had his share of action though that was in the SAS for a couple of tours before making the transition to MI6 two years before.

The two had not worked with, or really knew much about, the other prior to the first recorded adventure but they meshed very well on that mission and would become an impressive team.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 Presidential Trail Presidential Trail
Written by John Lock
Copyright: 2016

The newly created Department X and its two main agents, Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones, are working with the Americans to look into a plan to kill a U.S. Presidential candidate as just the beginning of more unrest.
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2 The Shir Khan Prophecy The Shir Khan Prophecy
Written by John Lock
Copyright: 2017

The Afghan cult called al-Jahid is busy grooming some prominent people to turn into terrorists. Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones have been sent to the nation to learn what they can and stop what they might.
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3 Treacherous Assignment Treacherous Assignment
Written by John Lock
Copyright: 2017

Someone has gone beyond just trying to sell nuclear weapons but also make available a guidance system that could make many U.S. targets open to attack by North Korea. It is the job of Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones to learn who is behind it and close it down.
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4 Lethal Credentials Lethal Credentials
Written by John Lock
Copyright: 2019

Wanting to start their own security business, Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones have left MI-6 with its blessing and financial backing. One of their first clients is a woman whose mother is a massage parlor owner recently murdered. She wants help finding who is behind the killing. Even though Rhodes turns her down, four very nasty men show up the next day and beat up two of their employees. That makes it personal.
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This is a good, solid action series created for those who want their protagonists out doing something and not sitting and watching and waiting. Yes, there are times when the two have to sit on their duffs but the author is kind enough to not make us sit with them for long.

The first three books were repackaged as a trilogy but in my opinion it was more of a convenient collection and not an extended storyline. Each of the three are readable all by itself. The fourth is the same.

I would have liked to have learned a bit more about each of these fellows but neither seemed to be the kind of guy to share their feelings. If there is work to be done, they'd rather be out doing it.


My Grade: B


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