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Full Name: Nora Baron
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Savage
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


     Nora Baron is an agent with the CIA.

     She isn't when we first meet her. When that happens, she is a very happy woman as far removed from the cloak and dagger world as one might expect. She is very happily married to Jeff and has been for over two decades. She has a mostly grown daughter, Dana aged 20 and a student at NYU, of whom she is quite proud. She has a terrific job as a teacher in the art department at Stony Brook University on Long Island, instructing students in acting and theater.

That all comes to a shocking an abrupt change in the very opening of the first recorded adventure when she learns that her Jeff, working in England for the last few weeks, had died in a car accident. A hurried packing and flight across the Atlantic to learn more of his death and to prepare him for his final trip home, knowing she had to tell her daughter but not sure how because she could scarcely believe it herself.

It is on this very unpleasant journey that very unpleasant things will start to happen to her and before too long, through absolutely no desire on her part, she will find that the world of the espionage operative will envelope her and nothing will be the same again.

     Baron is described as "a tall, slender, forty-nine-year-old white woman with green eyes and shoulder-length chestnut hair". The age is the most interesting aspect of this person because it is not often that someone will change careers so drastically at that age but not only does she make the switch, she obviously adopts her new cloak and dagger sideline with considerable enthusiasm.

     But then, when remembering her 'day job' for so many years of her marriage, before she learned the truth about Jeff's vocation, Baron had taught acting and had taken part in lots of productions. In many ways being undercover for the CIA was just another form of acting, minus the bullets and bombs and such.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

1 Mrs. John Doe Mrs. John Doe
Written by Tom Savage
Copyright: 2015

Nora Baron could not have wanted a better life - great home, great job, great family. Then she gets a call informing her that her husband has died on a business trip to England. Going there to collect the body, she is accosted on her first day and then receives a mysterious phonecall. Then a strange encounter leaves her wanted for murder and on the run.
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2 The Woman Who Knew Too Much The Woman Who Knew Too Much
Written by Tom Savage
Copyright: 2017

An up-and-coming Russian actress and mistress to one of its top generals has asked for asylum with the CIA. To help her escape they need the aid of a capable woman with skills to act as a reporter interviewing her in Venice. Good plan. Then nothing goes right and Nora Baron, the agent they chose, has to go ad lib to keep her and the actress alive.
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3 The Spy Who Never Was The Spy Who Never Was
Written by Tom Savage
Copyright: 2018

The CIA has had a superb agent in Chris Waverly, a woman who has pulled off many feats. Except she does not really exist, actually being several different people playing her over the years. Now it is Nora Baron's turn as someone has threatened to release the real names.
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4 The Devil And The Deep Blue Spy The Devil And The Deep Blue Spy
Written by Tom Savage
Copyright: 2019

All Jeff and Nora Baron have to do on this latest CIA mission is to take a first-class Caribbean cruise and keep an eye on a French businessman who has piqued the interest of the Agency and his wife. When the two targets split up, so must the Barons.
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     You are familiar, I am confident, in that feeling when you meet up with an old friend after some months have passed and prepare to play catch up? There is a comfortable and welcome feeling to it, like coming home. That is the sort of feeling I get with this series. I know I'm going to enjoy the conversation and the time taken to have it.

     The Nora Baron 'thrillers' have that affect on me. I put the quote around the word because thriller is what the publisher designated the books. It is not inaccurate because there are more than a few thrilling events in each adventure. Still, it does not give any indication as to that feeling of 'home' I mentioned.

     I would happily welcome more adventures of Nora Baron, if just to have some time with an old friend again.


My Grade: B+


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