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Full Name: Conor McBride
Series Name: The Virtuosic Spy
Nationality: Irish
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kathryn Guare
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


First Look:
       Conor McBride is an agent with MI-6.
       Boy, that's a statement that is so very wrong and yet, unfortunately for McBride, also too true.
       McBride owns a small farm with his frail, aging mother in Ireland. It isn't what he really wants to do but there it is and what's to be done with it.
       What he would much rather be doing is playing concert violin in some nice orchestra or better yet, soloing as the headliner he sort of was before the trouble caused by his brother happened.
       What he would much rather not be doing is being trained for spy work for the British Secret Intelligence Service, all because his long gone brother, Thomas, who caused the trouble has apparently caused even more trouble and needs help and the SIS is willing to provide some if Conor McBride will provide the rest. And, oh, by the way, can you also help out in this other thing as well.
       So the farmer who once was an up-and-coming violinist is now an unhappy but pretty capable MI-6 operative.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Deceptive Cadence Deceptive Cadence
Written by Kathryn Guare
Copyright: 2014

Conor McBride had nearly lost everything because of his brother's betrayal. Now years later a stranger shows up at his farm and offers him a chance to find that brother, Thomas, and bring him to justice but that will mean learning skills he never thought he would. These are extremely violent skills that he had never wanted to acquire but which now must become a part of him.

2 The Secret Chord The Secret Chord
Written by Kathryn Guare
Copyright: 2014

His actions and those of his opponents have taken everything from Conor McBride including nearly his life. He is on the run and hides out in a farmhouse inn in the mountains of Vermont. The beautiful young innkeeper is trying to help him but she has deadly secrets of her own which could get both of them killed.
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3 City Of A Thousand Spies City Of A Thousand Spies
Written by Kathryn Guare
Copyright: 2015

Conor McBride would give anything to get his old life back. That chance comes with one last mission - helping an Iranian currently in Prague defect. To pull it off he needs the help of a skilled female agent but she has her own history.
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