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Full Name: Joseph Hanna and Rachel Ram
Series Name: The Plutonium Prophet Series
Nationality: American, Israeli
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rick Robison
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


Joseph Hanna is an agent with American Intelligence.

Rachel Ram is an agent with the Israeli Mossad.

Exactly what department inside the American intelligence community Hanna once worked for and will again is not clear. He is handled/controlled by a particularly odious man named Rotterdam though manipulated is a better word for it, but who that person answered to is unknown.

When we first meet him, Joseph Hanna is referred to Dr. Hanna then (doctor of what, though, I do not know). He is undergoing immense despair when we first meet him, suffering from the loss of his wife, but solaced by their young daughter, Leila. They are visiting the Lincoln Memorial when a terrorist attack leaves him thrust even deeper into horrible grief.

We learn later that prior to these events, Hanna had made a very impressive name for himself in the Middle East during the first Gulf War when he took on the challenge of fighting back Iraqi forces from Kuwait. He held the rank of Major in the Rangers but his work also dealt a great deal with the clandestine side of things. He is referred in a blurb as "America's finest Middle East spy". Whatever took him from his work in Kuwait and Iraq back to the States and life outside of Montpelier, that ended when he lost his daughter to Islamic extremism.

Rachel Ram is a Captain in the Israeli military but she answers to the bosses of its vaunted Mossad. She has been with that organization for some time. She was born in Baghdad and lived there for the first ten years of her life, up to the point where a very fickle Saddam Hussein decided he no longer needed the educated and skilled Jews who had lived in his country for over two millineia. After a horrific struggle with Iraqi soldiers that left her mother dead, her father and she moved to Israel.

Once she became an operative, it became apparent that her ferocity and her skills made her particularly good at one task - finding and killing the enemy. As a result she became of the Mossad's fiercest assassins.

Hanna and Ram will become partners in the war against some particularly nasty terrorists and become partners in love as their mutual struggles push them into intimacy. It will be a tenuous one for a while as any such relationship that also involves keeping some pretty important secrets from the other.

Good Lines:
- "War is never black and white, but subtle shades of dirty gray."
- Regarding the ease of smuggling arms into Iraq, Rachel Ram exclaims, "The Gulf coast is porous as a screen door."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

I could be backwards on this: When the books first were released, they were published using Rick Robison as the author for both. Later a re-release, using the same artwork for both books, saw the author name changed to Richard Parker.

1 The Rise of the Islamic Messiah The Rise of the Islamic Messiah
Written by Rick Robison
Copyright: 2014

Joseph Hanna is sent by America to try to learn how to go about defeating the new Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, Rachel Ram is sent by Israel to follow Hanna and, if need be, kill him. She soon learns that their paths have crossed before .
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2 Mark Of The Crescent Mark Of The Crescent
Written by Rick Robison
Copyright: 2014

Joseph Hanna and Rachel Ram have joined together to take down General Daghari and his Black Berets but when Ram is captured by Daghari, Hanna must travel into the catacombs benearh the sacred Mosque in Iran to free her.
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Outside of Hanna and Ram, I despaired while reading the two books in this series, my concern being whether I would a major character who did not have far more bad things to say about them than good. For the antagonists, this is not uncommon in books but for those supposedly on the side of the angels, well most of these would be shunned by the angels in a heartbeat.

I liked Hanna and I really liked Ram, though I am not sure if the author did considering the number of horrific events he throws her into, especially those told in flashbacks.


My Grade: B


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