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Full Name: F6
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Diana X. Dunn
Time Span: 2013 - 2020


F6 is an agent with an unnamed international agency.

The year we first meet this 29-year old woman is 2120, placing her birth around 2090. The world is a considerably different place than we know it seventy years before. Not only has technology changed a lot in that near century but the population has apparently gone through two global wars, the first known as the Wars of Religions and the second called the Eco-Wars. The former seems pretty self-explanatory but the second still puzzles me though their nature is not important to understand outside the concept that they were bad and people remembered them strongly enough to capitalize their names.

When we encounter F6 initially she is going by the name Sienna Madison but remembering that is hardly worth the time since she will, as she is trained since birth to do, discard it as soon as the mission is over. She will not miss it just like she has not missed the many she has used over her years of service or the many she will call herself as we follow her in the several adventures we have of her.

F6 is the name she really thinks of herself as since it is the designation she was given when she was first "adopted" by the agency as an "abandoned ex-utero baby". [Not exactly certain what that means either.] The "F" denotes her sex as female. The "6" refers to her being the 6th female baby so brought into the system. According to her, initially there were more male babies gathered up than females, the males being numbered M1 and up, but it soon became clear to the powers that ran the organization that the females were far quicker to learn the lessons being taught and more capable of surviving the field missions that came later.

Exactly what the agency is about is never fully explained to F6 [or us] except that it is global in scope, multi-governmental in origin, and unknown to all but a few people. The missions pit her against a large number of very unpleasant people, at least one of whom is a war criminal from the Eco-Wars that she is tasked with bringing to justice.

While I/we may not know exactly the details of her job, we definitely learn that she is very good at assuming roles, very good at infiltration, very good at going up against some bad people, and very, very good at survival.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2020

1 Just This Once Just This Once
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2013

F6 had always been good at staying aloof on her missions but a handsome stranger to she is attracted has unfortunately become enmeshed in the murder investigation she was on for the agency. Getting involved was now necessary to keep him alive so she decided to let her guard down 'just this once'.
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2 Murder Times Two Murder Times Two
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2013

F6's assignment was to pretend to be one of the idle rich and to sail around on the yacht of one of the world's riches men. Her real task was to monitor his dealings, both business and person. When a murder takes place and she becomes one of the prime suspects, she has to sever all connections with the agency and go it alone.
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3 Three Of A Kind Three Of A Kind
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2013

She has run up against some very bad and powerful people before but this time she is against a criminal genius named Rex who seems to have some very pleasant plans for her. To survive, she must take on this dangerous man at his own game.
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4 Training Four Murder Training Four Murder
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2013

F6 has been forced by circumstances to leave the agency which means that for the first time in her life she is really totally on her own. To survive, she takes a job training espionage agents at a school but her desire to remain low-key is ruined when a particularly hated man at the facility is murdered, the school owner decrees it accidental, and F6 wants to know the truth.
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5 Five Missing Men Five Missing Men
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2020

"F6 is determined to find out what really happened at the warehouse the night her best friend, F7, died. In order to do that, she needs to track down the men who were working with F7 that night.
What she quickly discovers is that she isn’t the only one looking for the men. She’s shocked to learn that every single one of them is missing. She’ll need to use every bit of her training if she’s going to be able to hunt them down before someone silences them forever."
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6 Six Dead Men Six Dead Men
Written by Diana X. Dunn
Copyright: 2020

"Circumstances are forcing [F6] to question everything she believes is true [about her origins]. A return to her birthplace, Fallon, Nevada, seems the only way to find answers. In Fallon, though, the men who were involved in creating the technology that allowed for her birth are being murdered, one after another. F6 is going to have to do everything she can to protect the few who are left, at least until she can get the answers she wants."
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I got to liking F6 in a very short amount of time and the more I read of her, the more I liked her. That cannot be said for a couple of the other people she worked closely with but definitely was true of her. The author did a darn good job letting the reader see and understand each of these characters, for which I applaud her.

I was surprised, after having enjoyed the four books about F6, to come back see a couple of years later that two more had shown up without me noticing.

My bad, of course, but it was like my birthday! Here is hoping that more will show up, though perhaps not so covertly.


My Grade: B+


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