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Full Name: Peter Savage
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation CEO

Creator: Dave Edlund
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Peter Savage is a CEO of an engineering company.

Actually, EJ Enterprises, the name of the company using his two grown children's, Ethan and Joanna, first initials is "a combination of engineering, physics, and small arms". The item he shows off to a visiting friend is a "magnetic impulse gun", the technology of which is far beyond me but sounds very impressive.

Savage is nearing retirement age but has little thought of settling down. He might have once but when his wife of many years, Maggie, passed away, work provided a great distraction and he has made it pay off quite well. His two grown children are a son in college and a daughter got her degree and is now in the work force. He remains on great terms with both but they have their lives now and he has his. He also has a father who is still quite active, a semi-retired research professor at a university in the state. The state is Oregon and the small city Savage makes his home and the location for his business is Bend.

Peter is quick to smile and laughter comes easily, but there is always a twinge of sorrow with his still missing his wife. He is of medium build and sports brown hair in a conservative cut. His most distinguishing feature are his eyes-steel gray and his determined expression when he concentrates. What cannot be seen about his is his high intelligence and his willingness to act on his hunches, a trait that saves his life a time or two.

For a man who many might think beyond the age to get into the kind of scrapes Savage will find for himself, Savage does land into a good deal of trouble here and there but his intelligence and his experience and his tenacity help him come out on top.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2021

1 Crossing Savage Crossing Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2014

Someone is killing off the best academic minds in the field of energy. When Peter Savage and his friend Jim Nicolaou learn more, they realize it is all to keep a source of energy a secret. That does not sit well with either.
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2 Relentless Savage Relentless Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2015

When Peter Savage learns that his grown son, Ethan, has been kidnapped in Sudan, he decides to put together a small team to get him free. That team starts with his former SEAL friend, Jim Nicolau. They will discover that there is something very nasty happening in that desert region and it involves a research facility creating genetically perfect soldiers.
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3 Deadly Savage Deadly Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2016

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Peter Savage and his father are in the middle of things when a band of trained soldiers invade a university in Minsk. To Savage they appear to be Russian but the plot seems to be aimed at killing thousands and laying the blame on the U.S. so start a major war.
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4 Hunting Savage Hunting Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2017

A computer hacker gets hold of top secret files showing a government cover-up during the Six Day War. The files accidentally fall into the possession of Peter Savage and suddenly he has assassins after him and is a suspect in murders he did not commit.
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5 Guarding Savage Guarding Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2018

A powerful new hypersonic weapon is used to attack Japanese and American warships on a training exercise. At the same time, Peter Savage is in Oregon where he stops the kidnapping of a young woman named Jade. The two events are related and Savage and Jade will find themselves in Brunei learning secrets that could stop a war or get them killed.
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6 Lethal Savage Lethal Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2019

Several young men on a reservation in Oregon suddenly get very sick leaving them sterile. Peter Savage is asked to look into the matter but that investigation will get him kidnapped and facing a biological catastrophe.
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7 Valiant Savage Valiant Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2020

"The Cascadia Independence Movement, a radical political group, aspires to succeed where others have failed and split off the Pacific Northwest as an independent nation. Eliminating the President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House in a coordinated attack would be difficult enough, but to do so and get away with the crimes would border on the impossible.
They plot to frame the commander of The Strategic Global Intervention Team, James Nicolaou, for the murders and steal a revolutionary weapon under development by Peter Savage, which will assure success."
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8 Unforgiving Savage Unforgiving Savage
Written by Dave Edlund
Copyright: 2021

"Peter wants nothing more than to settle into a normal life with his fiancée, Kate Simpson. But the Fates seems to have other plans as he finds himself in a deadly confrontation with North Korean agents intent on stealing his latest invention; a pulsed energy weapon that promises to revolutionize small arms technology and upend the international balance of power."
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The older I get, the more I enjoy reading about older men and women still being able to kick butt (albeit maybe not as high up) and take names (in my case, remembering them would be questionable). I could never do any of the things that Peter Savage does even when I was his much younger than I age but I can pretend.

The writing on this series is darn good. The stories move quickly and smoothly and the characters are a lot of fun to follow. I recommend this series for any fan of spy action adventures.


My Grade: B+


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