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Full Name: Jon Reznick
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. B. Turner
Time Span: 2013 - 2024


Jon Reznick is an agent with the CIA.

Is - sort of. Possibly unofficially because the Agency does not immediately answer affirmatively to that question when asked by the FBI or perhaps they just like keeping up the old rivalry. On his tax returns he lists himself as a management consultant, which lends credence to the unofficial aspect.

Then his employment switches to the FBI though this is even more tenuous as it is on a "consultancy basis" presented by Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein, "in charge of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch". This woman plays a major role in the life of Reznick from the time we meet him. She first is someone leading the charge to apprehend him then she uses him in the consultant role and then is there to back his play on a thing or two and once in a while gets gets a bit irked at his antics.

Prior to both of those, Reznick had been for many years a member of the elite Delta Force. He was a legend in the outfit, according to some. "The guy's a ghost. Black ops. No one knows or is admitting whose responsibility he is but ... we believe he's carried out countless assassinations on behalf of the American government for the best part of fifteen years. Former Delta Force. The unit is also known as CAG, short for Combat Applications Group, for those familiar with Fort Bragg. This guy, Reznick, is something else. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Also got a major beef with authority, according to his file."

During that time he met and courted and married a very sharp lady in New York, a partner in a prestigious law firm. They gave birth to a daughter named Lauren. Life was good for Reznick. Then the planes hit the World Trade Center where his wife's firm had their offices and his life darkened when hers ended.

"He was drinking way too much and was considering leaving Delta. But suddenly, a shadowy new world opened up to him. A world of false passports, false identities, fake IDs and synthetic suicides. A world of surveillance and shootings. The more he did the less he felt. He got a call, he did the job. No questions asked. And the money was great."

Life will change again during the first recorded adventure we have with him, and the new opportunity of working with Meyerstein and the FBI will come around but Reznick's "beef" with authority and his go-his-way will still shine through.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2024

1 Hard Road Hard Road
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2013

Jon Reznick was used to eliminating people for the government but when he is given a directive to take out an American in the U.S., he delves deeply enough to know things are not on the up-and-up. When he chose to not carry out the assignment, he becomes the pursued by his own employers.
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2 Hard Kill Hard Kill
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2014

Jon Reznick is asked to join a team to search for an American diplomat who has gone missing. While most believe a terrorist cell is involved, Reznick has a different suspect, a prominent surgeon who is also a trained sniper.
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3 Hard Wired Hard Wired
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2015

The authorities chalked up former SpecOps Charles Burns' death in a car wreck to drinking but Jon Reznick knows his friend did not indulge. Since no one else was looking, he started investigating and that a foreign government very nervous and unhappy.
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4 Hard Way Hard Way
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2017

FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein always had trouble with Jon Reznick's style of working but when she gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang, she will need that unorthodox approach to get her free.
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5 Hard Fall Hard Fall
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2018

An old Delta Force buddy asks Jon Reznick for help and he wants to give it but that man is suffering from mental problems. That is what his doctor at the institute says and no one questions that analysis. Except Reznick.
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6 Hard Hit Hard Hit
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2019

Jon Reznick felt helpless when his daughter was brought to the hospital the victim of a hit-and-run. The police were moving slow. The FBI insisted Reznick step away. He refuses even after learning the car involved belonged to a powerful diplomat the U.S. government is protecting.
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7 Hard Shot Hard Shot
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2019

Jon Reznick and his daughter are in the wrong place when domestic terrorists make an attack on police at a 4th of July baseball game. When the leader of the group gets away, Reznick decides to go after him but that man has some powerful connections, even inside the FBI.
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8 Hard Target Hard Target
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2020

Computer hacker Trevelle learns that a congressional witness is set to be killed to stop her from talking. He appeals to Jon Reznick to do something and since Trevelle has helped Reznick many times, it is only fair he return the favor.
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9 Hard Vengeance Hard Vengeance
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2021

Jon Reznick was pleased to hear the voice mail message from FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein looking to expand their personal relationship. Then a luxury yacht in the Med explodes and Reznick is back in the thick of trouble. Coming to his aid is his own daughter, Lauren, just graduating from Quantico, along with hacker Trevelle Williams.
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10 Hard Fire Hard Fire
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2022

"Jon Reznick is not a man to cross. A brutally effective black-ops veteran, Reznick has a history of taking the law into his own hands. So when a group of masked men murders his closest friend, he swears to exact vengeance. The now-deceased Bill Eastland had been Reznick’s last living tie to his father, leaving him devastated…and furious. Whether or not the FBI approves, he swears to hunt down whoever issued the hit on his friend."
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11 Hard Exit Hard Exit
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2023

"When a Swiss intelligence agent goes missing--taking with him thousands of classified documents that have the potential to expose covert agents and information around the world--he also threatens to expose the one secret that will change Jon Reznick's life forever. Hans Muller has found someone on Swiss CCTV footage--someone who is supposed to be dead, someone from long ago in Reznick's past. If her true identity is as Muller suspects, and if he divulges her secret, it could be dangerous for her and her loved ones, not to mention disastrous for national security. In a shocking twist of fate, the mysterious woman looks exactly like Jon Reznick's late wife, who was thought to have died in the 9/11 attacks. Reznick has to know: Is this just a case of mistaken identity, or has Elisabeth been alive all this time?"
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12 Hard Power Hard Power
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2024

"When Amy Chang, partner of NSA hacker Trevelle Williams—a friend of Jon Reznick—is found dead on a Manhattan subway, everyone says it was a suicide. But Trevelle knows that someone had been watching Amy’s every move, and he isn’t about to let them slip away. Trevelle calls on Jon Reznick to help him uncover what happened to Amy and protect Amy’s brother, Kevin Chang, a Hong Kong student-activist living in New York. Before long, two government organizations are hunting them, forcing the trio to go on the run. Will Reznick be able to pull himself out of another mess, or have things finally gone too far?"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Gone Bad Gone Bad
Written by J. B. Turner
Copyright: 2015

A militia leader who was once a Delta operative alongside Jon Reznick has escaped from a top-security facility and the FBI asks Reznick to help find and capture him. The suspect is said to be planning an attack on a major target.
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If you are looking for action, followed by more action, with the expectation of even more action to come, this be the series for you!

What I really liked about it - a lot - was the fact that officially the main character is throughout most of the series, no longer a government employee. He stopped being a 'ghost' agent and just wants to be left alone to raise his daughter. No such luck.

Bad for him but kinda really good for we readers.

There are a good number of these adventures as of this writing and I really hope there will be a bunch more.


My Grade: A-


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