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Full Name: Will Parker
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Anderson Harp
Time Span: 2007 - 2020


Will Parker is an agent with American Intelligence.

Since the adventures we have of this man take place in modern times, calling who he works for as something so nebulous seems odd but then again he really does not work for any one group.

When we first meet him, Parker is practically a civilian and has been one for a few years, working as district attorney in a small-ish county in Georgia. He still enjoys it, to a degree, but as he ruminates, putting away the same offenders for a few years only to see them repeat their offenses shortly after release got old. He was looking for a change and a chance for some excitement even if he did not consciously know it.

I mentioned his civilian status as being 'practically' and by that I mean he still served as a reservist in the Marine Corps, holding the rank of colonel which he had earned at a fairly young age. Even now when we meet he is only 42 years old and still in impressive shape due to a fairly rigorous training regimen and a whole lot of running, including marathons. While an active Marine, Parker had been part of the highly prestigious Force Recon and then followed a series of very specialized training including a good deal learning all he could with the Navy SEALs.

One other important, and very vital skill that Parker possesses is an incredible gift for languages. He was compared at one point to the legendary Cardinal Mezzofanfi, a man who spoke 20+ languages fluently. While Parker does not enjoy quite that many on his resume, he does have a lot and even more impressive is a perfection when it comes to dialects and accents. While his Caucasian feature would prevent him physically passing for, say, Korean, to just hear him would be good enough to convince the listener.

The adventures we have of Parker have him working in different parks of the globe which means his training in different climes will be a big factor in survival and his talent with languages will be used a lot.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2020

1 Northern Thunder Northern Thunder
Written by Anderson Harp
Copyright: 2007

Who better to ask than a district attorney in a small Georgia county to be the agent to infiltrate North Korea to find and identify a part-Japanese turncoat working with the Koreans to create a long-range missile capable of hitting the U.S. Sounds insane until the facts on Will Parker were known and then it made a lot of sense.
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2 Retribution Retribution
Written by Anderson Harp
Copyright: 2014

In the rugged and unfriendly mountains of Pakistan a terrorist leader was planning a nuclear attack against the US. Will Parker is the man chosen to go against him for two reasons. Not only is Parker more than qualified and anxious for something to do, the man in question was somehow connected to Parker's parents' deaths over Lockerbie a couple decades before.
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3 Born Of War Born Of War
Written by Anderson Harp
Copyright: 2015

The act of domestic terrorism that was the attack on a church in Mobile was to get the attention of jihadists all over the world, especially the leader of Al Shabab. It also got the attention of the alphabet agencies who got the attention of Will Parker. Parker was not ready to go back into action but someone needed to and he was the best man for the job.
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4 Misled Misled
Written by Anderson Harp
Copyright: 2020

Looking into the deaths of two fellow Marines, Will Parker's investigations take him to Moscow and also get him noticed. The ones behind the attacks decide to go after him and to do that, they go first after his old friend, Dr. Karen Stewart.
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Fair bit of warning about Will Parker (the man, not the series). Do not get on this fellow's bad side. He is extremely smart, fit, resourceful, and, when he needs to be, cold. He will get even with you if you push the issue and you will not like it.

As for the series, if you like adventure and action and some serious kick-butt and want it all to make a whole lot of sense, well, you find it here. I had such a blast with the first adventure I immediately moved to the second one and then the third. Not sure if the author is planning to give any more but since there were a couple of years between each of the three, another one might come and I will definitely be buying and reading it.


My Grade: A-


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