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Full Name: Jonathan Brooks
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Lawyer

Creator: A. C. Frieden
Time Span: 2006 - 2019


       Jonathan Brooks is a lawyer.
       More specifically he is a maritime attorney, obviously one who specializes in cases dealing with events and problems happening on the high seas. A New Orleans lad all his life, which the delicious drawl tells everyone who happens to hear it, Brooks might travel elsewhere as his law practice necessitated, but he always returned to southern Louisiana as quickly as he could.
       That is where we first encounter him and where for most of the adventures we have of him he will start out. He will be required to do some extensive traveling, though, and he will see how places like Washington, D.C. and Moscow are a whole lot different than the bayou area.
       Lawyers do not, as a rule, have much dealings with the cloak and dagger world since the latter would prefer to handle their business in secret and attorneys, especially trial lawyers like Brooks often is like to have lots of things out in the open. Brooks will learn as the adventures get underway that he has to learn to adapt and learn quickly not only to succeed but also to just stay alive. There will be more than a couple of people and organizations who would not mind seeing Brooks very much dead.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2019

1 Tranquility Denied Tranquility Denied
Written by A. C. Frieden
Copyright: 2006

Jonathan Brooks was just out to prove that a U.S. Navy vessel had rammed his client's ship and win the case. What he got was proof the navy Captain was lying under oath and the actual truth started many years before during the Cold War. Brooks' investigation will reach to Washington, D.C. and then on to the Kremlin in Moscow.
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2 The Serpent's Game The Serpent's Game
Written by A. C. Frieden
Copyright: 2013

When Mariya stepped back into his life, Jonathan Brooks was struggling professionally and she would, he knew, just make his life worse. Still, he owed her from years ago and she wanted help finding her teenage nephew feared drowned in the Mississippi. As Katina headed their way, Brooks would delve into matters that would have tendrils into Moscow, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela and again mix Brooks deeply in matters of espionage and not the law.
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3 The Pyongyang Option The Pyongyang Option
Written by A. C. Frieden
Copyright: 2019

If he had not been so short of clients, Jonathan Brooks likely would not have taken the Ukrainian as one but he did and that meant flying to Kiev. Then his client vanishes and to help find him Brooks must ask the help of a U.S. diplomat and their search will take them to Chernobyl. Meanwhile, Brooks' ex-wife is a reporter who has traveled to North Korea on a story about nuclear weapons. The two matters will merge.
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