Full Name: Chase Malone and Wen Sung
Series Name: Chase Wen Thriller
Nationality: American, Chinese
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Computer Genius

Creator: Brandt Legg
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Chase Malone is a tech billionaire and computer whiz.

Wen Sung is a 28-year old "slender yet lethal" assassin for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Her reputation had been quickly but solidly established shortly after leaving university but when we encounter her, she has made a very powerful enemy in that organization and is being actively sought by its very best hunter with orders to bring her in one way or another.

Malone is a 29-year old who made his fortune inventing, along with his friend and associate, Dez Jefferson, Rapid Artificial Intelligence (RAI), a breakthrough artificial intelligence program. They had sold their incredible project to a huge conglomerate that had rebranded it RAIN and put in all their many products while Malone and Jefferson went on to other ideas and directions.

When we first meet Malone, he is not basking in his success but worried almost out of his mind from evidence that their invention, manipulated after they sold it, was going to bring about the end of the world as it is known. Pretty heady stuff, that. Then word comes that Wen Sung was in trouble and needed his help. The end of the world had to wait.

Some years before, prior to he and Jefferson creating RAI, Malone had been studying artificial intelligence at the Tsinghua University in China. It was there that he had met the beautiful and highly intelligent Sung. "He fell in love immediately, and again every day thereafter." "In addition to Wen's obvious brain power, she possessed a confidence that made her magnetic." After six months of being constantly together, he proposed. Unfortunately she was not allowed to leave China and he had not wanted to live forever in that country.

The first adventure will see the two reunited and fighting to help resolve each other's life threatening circumstances. From that point, they will be a powerful partnership but the troubles they will tackle together will continue to be major ones threatening people and lands all over the planet.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021


I am a major junkie for this kind of unlikely pairing. A very rich tech nerd and a kick-butt intelligence operative. What are the chances!? The author explains quite nicely how they met and became a temporary item, all of which sets the scene for their future adventures together. Plausible, though?

Who cares! These are really fun adventures that I have had a hoot of a time over the last couple of years following. A new one comes out? Cool. Stop everything while I see what kind of trouble is going to be thrown at them and how will they find a way to survive.

Again, plausible? Probably not but also again, who cares!


My Grade: A-


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