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Full Name: Sam Wick
Nationality: American
Organization: Task Force-77
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chase Austin
Time Span: 2018 - 2023


Sam Wick is an agent with Task Force-77.

That group, abbreviated as TF-77, was a joint operation between the NSA and the U.S. military that was "the team the U.S. government calls when it needs to get people out of the most dangerous places on earth." It was an off-the-books operation which got its summons when diplomacy had failed and direct action was required. "Powered with U.S. military might across the globe and NSA's intel, the team was well equipped to handle anything and that made it the one to go for the toughest missions on the most dangerous locations using means that any government would never authorize yet expect it to get done."

Of the several agents working for TF-77, the man invariably chosen for "its most insane and impossible missions" was Sam Wick and so far he "had emerged from each in one piece".

"At 5'11", he had a weather-beaten face that had a rugged attraction, not least because of his unreadable sea-blue eyes, bright with intelligence. With his slicked-back black hair and athletic build, he seemed like a man on a mission. He'd been born in Kansas, but he spoke with a neutral accent, due to his extended stay in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan."

"He was the man to whom TF-77 assigned its most insane and impossible missions and, so far, he had emerged from each in one piece. He talked less, absorbed more, and did his job with brutal competence. He had gone from ninety successful extractions to over three hundred in just over half a decade. Just twenty-seven years old, he was not flamboyant in the way many other operatives his age were. He preferred simple, time-tested tactics over ones that dropped jaws, but he kept pulling off incredible feats - no matter the opposition, no matter the conditions, no matter the situation. His strategies and tactics were already turning into TF-77 mission case studies on whether brilliance could be achieved without being adventurous."


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2023

Before "Chase Austin" came out with this series of action adventures about Sam Wick, the Akay Brothers (first names unknown) came out with them a year before sporting slightly different titles (still 'Wicked' something). In them Wick worked for the NSA on Task Force 2. These books have been edited since their first incarnation but from what I can tell, are mostly intact.

In addition to the Rapid Thriller books, there are also a couple (so far) Task Force-77 thrillers which are might have fit in the novella category but I decided, for now, to list them as books.

1 Wicked Deceit Wicked Deceit
aka Wicked Attack
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2018

Sam Wick Rapid Thriller Book 1 - The President of Venezuela, a man with a major hate for the U.S., has a similar attitude towards on of his country's reporter. The head of Venezuela's security service decides as a present to eliminate the man. Task Force-77 has been given the job of extracting him to keep him save and Sam Wick is the agent to do the job.
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2 Wicked Hunter Wicked Hunter
aka Wicked Soldier
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2019

Sam Wick Rapid Thriller Book 2 - The Taliban has managed to get hold of a CIA agent in country and is in the process of extracting a mother-lode of intel from him. Sam Wick is already on station so is asked to get him out.
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3 Wicked Blood Wicked Blood
aka Wicked Suspect
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2019

Sam Wick Rapid Thriller Book 3 - Sam Wick learns in Afghanistan that back in America young men are being brainwashed into planning attacks in a half dozen major cities at home.
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4 Force Recruit Force Recruit
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2019

Task Force-77 Thriller Book 1 - Relates how a young police detective named Karen Jones bucked the system, paid a horrible price for doing her job and eventually became Jessica Foster of TF-77's Vesuvius support team.
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5 Deadly Force Deadly Force
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2019

Task Force-77 Thriller Book 2 - Sam Wick must find a way to get into Iran, locate his target, and then get them both out again. Wick was very good at his job but on this mission, everything that could go wrong would.
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6 Wicked Death Wicked Death
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2020

Sam Wick is being hunted by the CIA but he is determined to still finish his mission even though everyone knows, including him, it is impossible.
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7 Wicked Ghost Wicked Ghost
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2021

A decision was made by two "sensible" men in Washington to create a special ops team called Task Force 77 (TF-77), kept a secret from everyone including the President. It would be led by a person known only as Mother. "All these years, one thing that kept TF-77 alive was its precision and accuracy to accomplish seemingly impossible missions until the USA was attacked in one of the biggest attacks after 9/11. Little did the team know that this would be their last mission."
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8 Wicked Chase Wicked Chase
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2022

"Framed for treason and murder, hunted by every US security agency, Sam Wick is running out of options. Sam Wick is the man the government calls when they want a problem to go away... but now Sam Wick is the one who needs to disappear. On the run, Wick is joined by a wanted CIA agent, Natasha Suri. Together they are looking for the mastermind behind the attacks on America. Using his skill in combat, gut instincts, and new-found allies, can Wick uncover the truth and find redemption before the net finally closes?"
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9 Wicked Uprising Wicked Uprising
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2023

"CopaAndina is the biggest corporation in Colombia but its foundation is built on thousands of dead bodies, drugs and blood money. Sam Wick's mission is still to find the mastermind behind the attacks on America but he can not ignore the plight of the people around him. Alongside Natasha, he goes down the rabbit hole in order to destroy the corporation, but they end up fighting not just for their survival but their sanity…"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Wicked Storm Wicked Storm
Written by Chase Austin
Copyright: 2019

Marco sells people, in this case a young girl. His methods are odd to say the least. To vie for her, clients must provide a fighter for a to-the-death cage match. Sam Wick enters to get her free.
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     As mentioned in the comments concerning the books, there are two sets of the earlier books. IMHO, read the ones attributed to Chase Austin. Do not mix and match because while the books are really close to each other, there are enough changes to make switching back and forth really confusing.

     Wick is an interesting man considering that he really does not talk much about himself but others talk about him a lot and do so with either reverence or dread and sometimes both

     Having the success rate that Wick has means having to deal a lot of harm to a lot of bad people. That would make you both very impressive and very scary.


My Grade: B


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