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Full Name: Samantha 'Sam' Whittaker
Nationality: British
Organization: CTA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan MacKenzie
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Samantha 'Sam' Whittaker is an agent with the British CTA.

That stands for the Counter Terrorism Agency, a very new, elite group within British Intelligence "with a brief to operate outside the niceties of International law; targeting - then eliminating all enemies. The CTA are ruthless hunters in a world where the threat of terrorism has escalated onto the streets."

The CTA sounds like a harsh but unfortunately increasingly needed organization considering the number of home-grown terrorist acts that have been plaguing the nation of late though as we quickly learn following Whittaker's missions, she has become "concerned with the rise of Government intervention within the agency when targets selected for elimination appear to be politically motivated". The concept of "power corrupts" is presenting itself.

Whittaker is one of the CTA's better agent but considering how violent the CTA can get in support of its role, to many people outside the organization, her being so capable means a lot of bad people get hurt very badly, all without the stamp of formal hearings and trials. She has been an operative for some time before we meet how. How many is not certain but her partner in the first adventure mentions they had been together as a team for over five years so that shows us she is by no means a newbie to her work.

Highly dedicated to her mission though not particularly to many of the upper echelon who would rather play politics than get the real job done, Whittaker proves from our first meet that she will do whatever it takes to get close to her prey, including, as we watched carefully, perform impressive acrobatics while on the stage of an all-nude dancing facility.

     Fancy erotic dancing and enemy elimination are not, however, the main aspects to this series. As we come to understand right alongside Whittaker, time plays a far greater role in her assignments as she and her partner will learn. Time and a very impressive and frightening machine that lets her and others move through it.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Times's Up Times's Up
Written by Alan MacKenzie
Copyright: 2019

On what seemed like a routine hunt for a terrorist cell, Sam Whittaker and her team uncover a weapon that is so dangerous and powerful it could change the world.
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2 Times and Time Again Times and Time Again
Written by Alan MacKenzie
Copyright: 2019

Since the Intelligence Service has disavowed her, Sam Whittaker is living on a Greek island trying to forget the past. Then her old bosses need her help for yet another mission.
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     According to the author's website, at least as of this writing, a third adventure concluding a trilogy was due 'soon', i.e., in 2020. Since 2020 turned out so lousy for everyone, it may still be on its way a year later.

     Which is a fun segue into the main point to this series which is time travel.

     Apparently once you introduce the ability to move through time as you wish, you have the means to manipulate history anyway you want it which creates paradoxes which can be quite confusing.

     At least it is for me which is why I am hoping for that third book to tie the story altogether.


My Grade: B


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