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Full Name: Trevor Stoner
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bernhardt Engel
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Trever Stoner is an agent with the CIA.

Was, anyways. That is the correct tense for when we meet him, living near Venice Beach and drinking far more than he should (Jameson Irish Whiskey, in case you were wondering). We know this when an ex-KGB agent looks him up for a special reason and they spend a time drinking and remembering incidents in Stoner's long and very busy career with the Agency.

Back when he first joined he used the codename "Alan Craft", back when he "was a desk jockey at the CIA in May of '78, just out of college, apprenticing the trade". Soon he would be made part of Section-R and he would make a living making other people dead. He was good at it from the beginning and remained good at it for a lot of years until his department was shut down and Stoner was told his services were no longer needed.

So Stoner is out of the business and drinking too much and pretty much happy he was the former and pretty much not caring he was also the latter. Then people from his past come calling and though he is no longer in the business, it seems nobody bothered to tell the business that and he will keep getting yanked back in for this item or that.

It is said, possibly by the publisher, that Trevor Stoner is an "anti-hero" which carries a connotation that I do not think really fits Stoner because it implies he is a bad guy which he most definitely is not. To me he is more a man who would prefer to not do the sorts of things he did for a living anymore and keeps getting forced to. He is a "reluctant hero" to me because despite not wanting to get involved, when he is pushed into it, he shows in the end he is really a good guy who is capable of doing bad things.

A Russian agent who got close to Stoner said he was "a romantic trying too hard to be a cynic".

Good Line:
- "We were both veterans of life, but neither had any medals to show for all the wars and wounds."
- On being rather harshly criticized, Stoner thinks, "I'll just pretend she hadn't said it, or that I hadn't heard it the way she wanted me to hear it."


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Stoner Factor The Stoner Factor
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2014

Trevor Stoner was interrupted during his time on the beach with a stunning offer - a chance to find the man who had ordered the 'accident' that had killed Stoner's boss and friend for more than 30 years of covert work.
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2 For Pete's Sake For Pete's Sake
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2014

Around 20 years ago, a friend and colleague of Trevor Scott disappeared on an assignment to Europe. His widow, Judith, appeals to Scott to help her visit where her husband was last seen in order to maybe put closure on things. It will lead them both into extreme danger.
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3 Oliver's Twist Oliver's Twist
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2014

Trevor Stoner and his friend Judith are pulled into a mission that involves a group of militia in Montana who are being secret enticed by a Mid-East terrorist leader.
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4 The Galesport Incursion The Galesport Incursion
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2014

As Judith and Trevor Stoner enjoy some deep-sea fishing off Oregon's coast, a body badly butchered floats into the village where they are staying and the villagers are quite suspicious when the pair start asking questions.
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5 The Pymak Exchange The Pymak Exchange
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2014

Judith's mother was found dead in her expensive residence in Luzern so Judith and Trevor Stoner head to Switzerland to learn more. They discover the death was no accident and someone is out to steal the deceased large fortune.
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6 Source-R Source-R
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2015

A sort of retired MI6 agent is certain that Trevor Stoner holds the key to understanding a nasty plot. Stoner and Judith are in England for fun but it does not stay fun for long.
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7 Code Susan Code Susan
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2016

Judith's daughter, studying at the Sorbonne, has gone missing and the search for her by she and Trevor Stoner will lead them from France to Russia and then east going up against Islamic extremists.
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8 The Mix The Mix
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2017

The bomb-maker highest on Mossad's wanted list is found running a limo service in New York City. Trevor Stoner is asked to see if the business is legit or just a cover for a new horrendous terrorist attack.
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9 Preface To A Kill Preface To A Kill
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2018

To figure out who is sending agents to kill him, Trevor Stoner must travel back in his mind to all the missions he handled in his 30 years of service.
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10 Seven Seven
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2019

Trevor Stoner is offered a chance to get rid off all records of what he and Section-R ever did but of course, to earn that, he has to do one more mission.
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11 Destiny Destiny
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2020

"Destiny continues in time and place where Seven ended. Stoner’s life as a political assassin comes full circle."
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12 Killing To Square The Circle Killing To Square The Circle
Written by Bernhardt Engel
Copyright: 2021

"It is the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stoner is called upon to investigate the death of a doctor in an auto accident in Zurich, Switzerland. He soon finds himself in a tangle of miscreants attempting to gain a financial windfall by conspiring to obtain exclusive rights when a viable vaccine is approved for mass distribution."
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If you are looking for a dozen adventures of a hard-drinking, hard-playing (i.e., the opposite sex), hard-fighting fellow which are fast, quick and easy reads, this is a fun one to try. 

The thing that jumped out at me about these stories is the way that the author, who tells them in the first-person, also gives you quick and unambiguous looks into the main character's thoughts and attitudes. Stoner is pretty honest with himself and since we are privy to his musings, honest with us.

This last part is kind of important to me because I really liked his attitude towards a lot of things.


My Grade: B


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