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Full Name: Quarterback Operations Group
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agency

Creator: Tom Avitabile
Time Span: 2008 - 2015


The Quarterback Operations Group is a top-secret operation for the American President.

Abbreviated 'QuOG' in the few places it was officially mentioned, it was created by seated President Mitchell who became frustrated when terrorists didn't have to "play by the rules" but his side did. He needed someone or ones to be his 'pointy end of the stick' who had what it took to strike back at the bad guys without the red tape and bureaucracy that slowed down and hogtied the other alphabet agencies.

The President turned to his Science Advisor, William Jennings Hiccock, aka "Wild Bill", a highly experienced and well respected gentleman who was no stranger to high-pressure occupations, whether it be in the academician world or while playing quarterback for Stanford years before.

Hiccock was given the chance to select his team on his own, pulling in people he would consider the "best of the best" in what they do. He started with Brooke Burrell, an excellent FBI agent. He added the muscle and tenacity of Master Sergeant Bridgestone and Sergeant Ross from the Delta Force, men "who cut through countries, culture, and killers like a laser through butter". Then he added a former computer hacker who once worked for organized crime, Kronos, "an offbeat 'techno-sapien' who practically mind-melds with any computer, network, or Internet backbone and manipulates it to do his bidding". He completes his team by enticing his ex-wife, Janice Hiccock, a leading behavioral psychologist, a person who could provide "insight into the human behavioral matrix".

These people would work for Hiccock who possessed a "keen analytical mind and propensity to somehow find himself in the line of fire befits an academic titan...who also happened to have won the Heisman Trophy".

"From psych-ops, where they terrorize the terrorists, to the pure brute force of going in hot, wet, and wild, QuOG uses innovative technology and on-the-spot improvisation to beat the bad guys before they know the game is on."

In addition to Hiccock as the leader and the rest of the team, a key player in this series of adventures, worthy of extra special mention, is Brooke Burrell, a very capable and quite impressive FBI agent who works with the QuOG team for a while before becoming a part of it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Eighth Day The Eighth Day
Written by Tom Avitabile
Copyright: 2008

First a chemical engineer creates an explosion that kills hundreds of commuters and himself. Then a major starlet in Hollywood murders a U.S. Senator. A grandmother unleashes an attack on a train. A plane with tech wizards from Silicon Valley blows up while refueling. The President is convinced all these disparate events were related and he tells William Hiccock to put together a team to put an end to it.
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2 The Hammer of God The Hammer of God
Written by Tom Avitabile
Copyright: 2012

Finding a single suitcase in a huge city is virtually impossible. When the identity of the city itself is unknown, the matter becomes even worse. But that is the mission for the Quarterback Operations Group because this suitcase holds a nuclear bomb.
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3 The God Particle The God Particle
Written by Tom Avitabile
Copyright: 2014

Learning more about the God Particle, the super tiny piece of matter that is vital for things to exist, is something lots of people are striving for. It could, however, also destroy all life on the planet. It falls to those in the Quarterback Operations Group to stop that from happening.
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4 Give Us This Day Give Us This Day
Written by Tom Avitabile
Copyright: 2015

Brooke Burrell was given what sounded like an easy job for a change and a way of picking up extra cash. Then her witnesses she needs start dieing off. Then the digital proof against a hedge fund disappears. Then her office gets blown up. Then things get complicated.
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I felt that the team deserved the attention on this series which is why I titled it like I did but there was a while when I wavered between it and "Brooke Burrell". That character really impressed me a lot, especially in the last two books, and if the author ever writes another about her, do not be surprised if I give her a separate entry.

These are well crafted stories and I enjoyed them a lot, especially the camaraderie between the team members. That and the science that the author brings to the pages, giving them extra oomph and not a little bit of scariness. These feel like they could happen any day - not a pleasant prospect.


My Grade: B+


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