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Full Name: Michael Quinn
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kevin Scott Olson
Time Span: 2014 - 2019


     Michael Quinn is an agent with the CIA.


     He has declined a considerable number of offers to go work for them full-time as an official employee but each time he has respectfully demurred. He enjoys his current status with his right to turn down an assignment if it does not suit him, although to be honest he has not, apparently, actually said no as yet. The right to have that option remains which seems good enough for Quinn.

     Quinn is also similarly disposed to turn down the occasional offers of commendations to be put into his record by the Special Operations Command for whom he has performed so well in the past. Quinn might be good at his job but "the anonymity and privacy of Quinn's life meant too much for him to ever change".

     Quinn answers personally to the Director of the Agency but seldom at Langley. Both men prefer to have these meetings at Foxfield, the Director's secluded ranch in the Virginia countryside but it also is not uncommon for Quinn to receive an encoded message on his phone to show up impromptu mission briefings no matter where Quinn might be.

     Quinn is a former Navy SEAL, having risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, indicating that he had served for more than a single tour. The activities we follow of Quinn for the Agency take place at least five years since leaving the military.

     Prior to his service in that elite military group, Quinn had been a highly respected student in college, even earning a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford before finally earning a Masters degree in Politics and International Relations.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Night Of The Bonfire Night Of The Bonfire
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2018

Michael Quinn is asked by the CIA to look into the murder of an undercover operative. This will lead him from Laguna Beach, over to the Eternal City of Rome and back to the coast of Mexico and put him in contact with an oligarch with a special hatred, an awesomely beautiful woman, and a crime lord out to expend his empire.
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2 Quinn: The Short Stories Quinn: The Short Stories
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2019

Collection of short stories involving Michael Quinn. The stories are:
Baltic Dance
Texas Time
The Goddess of the Deep
Night Dive
The Ballerina


Number of Stories:8
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2019

1 Paradise Paradise
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2018

All Michael Quinn was looking for on that rainy night he pulled into a motel off the highway was temporary shelter. He found a whole lot more, including home-grown terrorists with a beheading in mind.
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2 Baltic Dance Baltic Dance
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2019

Michael Quinn is sent undercover into Russia and lands into a mess reminiscent of Cold War intrigue.
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3 Texas Time Texas Time
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2019

When a Mexican drug cartel decides to expend its control into the U.S., Michael Quinn decides to say no.

4 Roseblood Roseblood
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2014

Michael Quinn is hired to provide protection to a beautiful young Ruiisan pianist but excactly from whom or what is not all that clear.
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5 The Goddess of the Deep The Goddess of the Deep
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2018

The training day at the Naval Amphibious Base was exhausting but a night on the town sounded relaxing. It was not.

6 Night Dive Night Dive
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2018

The dangers are many beneath the surface of the Caribbean and some of them come from people sent by a nearby dictator.

7 The Ballerina The Ballerina
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2018

The Ballerina that Michael Quinn was asked to help look for is a piece of art that lots of people would do anything to possess.

8 Breakout Breakout
Written by Kevin Scott Olson
Copyright: 2015

A Navy SEAL is captured by a foreign government and thrown into a horrible prison. Michael Quinn as asked to get him out.
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     At the time of this entry, there is one full-length novel and one collection of a half dozen stories dealing with Quinn. The book is very enjoyable and well worth the reading but the stories are what I liked the best. Short stories are for most people a lost art but not for this author.

     He tells terrific tales in a few pages and makes the time extremely enjoyable. I wish more writers would give the short format a try. I also hope very much that this author will give us more collections of stories dealing with Quinn. I mean, I will happily take another full-length adventure but ... smaller would be nice!


My Grade: A-


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