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Full Name: Chris Morehouse
Nationality: British
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David A. Davies
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Chris Morehouse is a contract agent for the CIA.

This is not unusual since the Agency makes use of a lot of contract workers to provide great deniability. Morehouse is a bit different in that he is a British citizen. But as he shows when we first meet him, the man has terrific instincts, impressive powers of observations, and very, very nice reflexes. This not only helps him stay alive in nasty situations, it helps immensely keeping those he is protecting alive and helps him pull off some quite difficult missions.

When we first meet him, Morehouse is "an FSN driver for the U.S. motor pool in Berlin", that is, a "foreign service national" or someone from the local economy hired for a job by the State Department in a foreign country.

In the case of Morehouse, he is "an unemployed and out-of-luck foreigner (British in this instance) in Germany" who had "simply responded, without any real forethought, to an advertisement for a driver in a newspaper he had picked up on a train in Cologne one day".

"He had been stationed in Germany with the British Army and decided not to return to the UK when his term of service was complete. As an independent-minded twenty-six-year-old, he thought he'd be happier managing his life the way that he wanted, away from the pub culture of moderate-income British society." After an interview, he got the job as a motor pool drive in the US embassy in Bonn. "What happened shortly thereafter changed his life forever. Chris was soon recruited by the Mission Consulting Services (MCS), one of a myriad of internal departments that litter all US embassies around the world." 

"A certain Mr. Nash began using Chris as a regular driver that he began to sense a difference in the people he was shuttling around. They were generally quiet people but exuded power-and they seemed to like Chris's unassuming yet careful manner. Before long, MCS formally requested Chris's full-time services from the motor pool, and after a few months, Chris began working for the department on a permanent basis. He was neither stupid, nor naive, yet it still took Chris a few months to figure out he was working for the CIA - albeit indirectly."

After our introduction to him, Morehouse will become a wee bit more than just a driver for the CIA.

Good Lines:
- Regarding his initial job as a driver of important people: "The easiest way to kill a VIP while in transit was to stop the car. What was the easiest way to stop a car with a VIP? Kill the driver! As such, Chris's self-preservation took priority in all matters of safety."


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Potential The Potential
Written by David A. Davies
Copyright: 2014

Chris Morehouse is a chauffeur, working in Bonn, Germany, driving the US ambassador. His keen instincts and quick, accurate reactions save the man's life. The CIA takes notice of his skills and feel he would make a great addition to their team. Apparently, though, someone disagrees since someone is out to kill him.
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2 Mark Of Deceit Mark Of Deceit
Written by David A. Davies
Copyright: 2016

An Iranian nuclear scientist is in Berlin wishing to defect. The CIA wants to help him do so. An unknown assassin does not want him to succeed. Chris Morehouse is contracted by the CIA to find and stop the assassin but in doing so, Morehouse realizes he knows the killer ... very well.
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3 The Next Cell The Next Cell
Written by David A. Davies
Copyright: 2018

In the hours just after the 9/11 attacks, Chris Morehouse is contracted by the CIA to head into Taliban controlled Afghanistan to find a man and bring him back to the States, dead or alive. Since Morehouse has long wanted that individual dead, the choice seems simple but while on the mission, he learns of a different attack against America, this time on the West Coast, that he must stop.
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4 Asset X Asset X
Written by David A. Davies
Copyright: 2020

Chris Morehouse has managed to make a lot of people unhappy with him at the CIA and his job security is not very high. Still, he has one job that might save him: finding the architect of 9/11, the man called Mukhtar. Finding that man requires using a secret asset but what will come first, catching his prey, getting killed trying, or getting canned by his employers.
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5 Blood Red Desert Blood Red Desert
Written by David A. Davies
Copyright: 2022

The year is 2003. Alone and on the run in a wintry Iraq, Chris Morehouse, a contractor for the CIA, is in a fight for survival. Stumbling his way through an Iraqi desert he carries evidence of Saddam Hussein’s war machine. But his way out of the country has been compromised, his equipment is failing, his morale has hit rock bottom—and he is lost.
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From the very first introduction to Chris Morehouse, I knew I was going to like him. His attention to detail was superb but his overall attitude was often summed up in the single word "bullocks!". He is usually exceptionally calm and cool and easy going but that is an interesting deception because his mind is constantly going. He is always on the lookout for danger signs and that keeps him alive.

There is a ton of action in these books but always with very short observations on the part of Morehouse to show he is thinking and analyzing, not just reacting.

The author does a terrific job of keeping the story going and always interesting. I hope he keeps 'em coming.


My Grade: A-


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