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Full Name: Michelle Reagan
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Scott Shinberg
Time Span: 2019 - 2022


Michelle Reagan is an agent with the CIA.

She is a NOC, or non-official cover, a simple way of saying she is on her own if things go pear-shaped. 'Official' agents, working under the cover of an embassy gig with diplomatic privileges and some immunity, might have some promise of a rescue or a trade should local governments catch them in the act. No such luck for the NOC's.

In the case of young Reagan, she would fare even worse since her job is that of assassin. As she points out, "Officially, the U.S. government doesn't engage in assassinations. Officially. Even if the CIA doesn't acknowledge it, every Director has had a team like ours at his disposal. We're his option of last resort."

Reagan was just a year out of high school, 19 years old, wondering what she would do with her life when she received an offer to join the Agency. How and why she got that invitation makes up a section of the first recorded adventure so no spoilers here. But now she is a trained operative, albeit the youngest in the small cadre of wet-work specialists working under the control of the Directorate of Operations in the group known as the Special Activities Division, or SAD as she points out.

An interesting, and I believe important, passage about Reagan takes place early in the first recorded adventure when she glimpses her reflection in a terminal window: "Sweet, naive, innocent Michelle only one year out of high school peered in from the outside, wondering what the future held in store for her career. Loving, experienced, hardened Michelle on the far side stared out, wondering whether the gains have been worth the costs."

Reagan has a love interest in Steven Kraus, a doctor of history who is employed as an analyst by the Agency and who, Reagan opines, is "the kind of genius that makes Intelligence the CIA's middle name". What makes this relationship so interesting is that while they have been together for some years and they both work for the Agency, his clearance and his need-to-know does not extend to what exactly she does for a living. Being as smart as he is and the fact that she goes away often for sometimes extended periods and that twice he has had to pick her up at a hospital after one of her assignments, he may not know but in truth he knows.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2022

1 Confessions of Eden Confessions of Eden
Written by Scott Shinberg
Copyright: 2019

Michelle Reagan relates her changing attitude towards her job doing wet-work for the CIA, starting with her first mission to take out a drug lord and his mistress.
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2 Directive One Directive One
Written by Scott Shinberg
Copyright: 2019

As the Director of the CIA is returning on his plane from his daughter's wedding, the plane and he are kidnapped. As a team of Navy SEALs are sent to get him and his wife back, Michelle Reagan is sent along with the understand that if it proves impossible to free him, she must implement Directive One.
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3 Fly By Night Fly By Night
Written by Scott Shinberg
Copyright: 2020

As she is sent to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative, Michelle Reagan also learns of an imminent plan to stage an attack on American soil. Given the job of leading the strike team to stop it, Reagan finds a very personal stake in the matter and will have to decide between saving thousands on people she does not know or one that she does.
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4 Sargon The Third Sargon The Third
Written by Scott Shinberg
Copyright: 2021

"With surprising reach and deadly accuracy, “Sargon the Third” launches terror attacks that kill hundreds across the United States and Europe. Protected by corrupt government officials, this self-proclaimed king rises to power in the Middle East. To find and stop the shadowy terrorist monarch, the Director of the CIA entrusts the kill order to the Agency’s top covert operations team.
Michelle Reagan - code name Eden - races against the clock to prevent Sargon’s deadliest attack yet. To find him, she must master all the tools of her trade, from spies and surveillances, to propositions and prostitutes. Interrogating bankers and fighting bodyguards stretches Eden past her emotional and physical limits. Overmatched in the fight for her life, Eden is pushed to do something she’d hoped with all her heart she would never be forced to do - point her deadliest weapon at herself."
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5 A Shot In The Dark A Shot In The Dark
Written by Scott Shinberg
Copyright: 2022

"With a single pull of the rifle’s trigger, CIA covert action operator Michelle Reagan ignites a bloody war between Peruvian drug cartels.
While pursued by both cartels, Eden discovers Christina, an undercover CIA officer long believed to be dead. Her plan to exfiltrate the undercover officer back to the US escalates the blood feud raging between the cartels. 
Wanted by both cartels, Eden must determine Christina’s true motivation: is it to return home to the US, or is she a double-agent for the cartel run by her lover? When cornered by a cartel’s soldiers, Eden must make the tough choice: attempt a high-risk rescue of Christina, or flee alone to save her own life.
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What does it say about me that I am a nut for spy series with a female assassin as the protagonist? Never mind, it's best I do not know!

I am very glad to know Michelle Reagan, however, though keeping our relationship strictly character-reader is probably best because from the impression I have of her, she would not like me and might not find it necessary to tolerate me.

Reagan is a good person who kills bad people. She really has no issues with that. Sometimes, however, as she is told repeatedly, there may be collateral damage along the way. To her credit, this does bother her.

I like the fact that as of this writing there are likely more books about her coming. I will keep buying them.


My Grade: A-


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