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Full Name: Jack Killer
Nationality: Brazilian
Organization: SIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: German Gabler
Time Span: 1974 - 1974


Jack Killer is an agent with Britain's SIS.

Getting what amounts to an overview of his dossier from the first recorded adventure, we learn that 'Jack Killer' is just the codename he was assigned at the Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6). His real name, which he never uses, has been redacted in the files. He hails originally from Brazil but most likely was raised in the U.K. because he acts decidedly British. He has an impressively high security clearance, which is no surprise consider much of what he does is so incredibly covert, the fewer who know about it, the better. The cases we have of his take place in or around 1974 and have been only recently unsealed.

Killer has a remarkable resemblance to the late American actor, Charles Bronson. Like Bronson, while his appearance would never be considered handsome, it definitely has a rugged appeal and when coupled with his innate physical ability and his aggressive demeanor, it works to make him very attractive to women. He is frequently seen having to leave a beautiful woman behind to head to a mission or is able to find equally gorgeous ladies while on that mission, or both.

It is said several times that Killer does not work for SIS proper but for a "black ops section" run by a sometimes unpleasant "fat man named Alpha", a fellow who thinks nothing of calling Killer at any time expecting immediate response and snarling when not getting it. Killer takes this attitude in stride, likely knowing that since he is undoubtedly Alpha's go-to guy, he has the latitude to shrug off such complaints.

A couple of interesting observations so far:

While flying from London to New York, a city that Killer had been to several times before and enjoyed a lot, he muses while sitting in coach that "At least James Bond gets to fly first class".

While lamenting with his boss about the nasty things he is forced to do on the job, Alpha reminds him

that's the nature of our work, Jack. It's our duty." To which Killer responds sadly, "No, Alpha, it's my life. I just wish I didn't have to be so bloody good at it."


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:1974
Last Appearance:1974

1 Intrigue In Hong Kong Intrigue In Hong Kong
Published by Pulp 2.0
Contributors: German Gabler (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1974

Found in Killer Vol 1. An SIS agent in Hong Kong is murdered. Jack Killer is dispatched to learn why he was killed and what had the man found that warranted such an action.

2 The Heiress Kidnapping The Heiress Kidnapping
Published by Pulp 2.0
Contributors: German Gabler (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1974

Found in Killer Vol 1. A high ranking British government leader's daughter has been kidnapped by a notorious Italian mobster. Jack Killer is sent to get her back but he learns two things: 1) she faked her abduction, and 2) the mobster is not happy about being blames.

3 Intrigue In The Arctic Intrigue In The Arctic
Published by Pulp 2.0
Contributors: German Gabler (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1974

Found in Killer Vol 2. A nuclear scientist in Nevada has learned his daughter has been kidnapped and he must bring top secret material to New York and then on to northern Canada to get her back. Jack Killer is loaned to the CIA to help stop the transfer of data.

4 Skorpio Skorpio
Published by Pulp 2.0
Contributors: German Gabler (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1974

Found in Killer Vol 2. A KGB bigwig defected to France and gave them a list of agents in their own country, several high-ranking in the government. Jack Killer is called to Paris to be told that they also learned there is a very nasty mole in London. Now Killer must hunt him down without revealing to anyone he knows the truth.


As of this writing there are only 4 of the adventures available in English but I have enjoyed each of those so much, I am anxiously awaiting more and I know the moment any becomes available, I'll lay my digital money down immediately.

Killer is a wonderful combination of James Bond and Charles Bronson but comes across really as his own man. He is very much into enjoying the company of the fairer sex without seeming misogynistic or condescending. He also takes to danger like he belongs with it and yet does not particularly relish it. His confidence is considerable but he is not cocky or overbearing - just self-assured. He truly is the kind of character I would like to be but ain't.


My Grade: A-


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