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Full Name: Ian Fleming
Codename: 17F
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Damian Stevenson
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


Ian Fleming is an agent with British Intelligence.

The two tales in this series deal with the man who would later go on to created the legendary James Bond but they deal with the author's life during World War II as a member of the Intelligence team that Britain has put together to combat the Axis. He holds the rank of Commander in that organization, much like his character would years later. The two adventures deal with Fleming's life during the early days of the Second World War, presenting several different aspects of the man's life.

There is on one hand the newly commissioned officer working diligently in his role as an analyst with the Naval Intelligence Department. Working out of the highly classified Room 39, he wants very much to be able to make some difference in the war effort and not be, as he felt those outside that room considered him "a paper-pushing delegate. A wonk who sometimes advised Admiral John Godfrey on what tie he should wear". With not a little regret, Fleming has to admit to himself in the beginning that as yet there was not "anything exciting to talk about" but he was determined.

Then there is the heavy drinking, chain smoking member of the British upper class. Whether spending time with his mother, the Lady Fleming, "an impeccable source of Whitehall gossip", or lounging around with Noel Coward imbibing two too many cocktails and talking poorly of anyone currently out of their favor, or wining and dining and seducing lovely women, single or married, that might catch his eye, Fleming enjoys his off time even if it invariably results in headaches the next day.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Operation Armada Operation Armada
Written by Damian Stevenson
Copyright: 2014

It is June 1940. Commander Ian Fleming, aka Agent 17F, parachutes into occupied France with 2 million pounds in gold to negotiate the purchase of 60 warships from France's navy. When the Germans learn of the sale, things go bad fast.

2 Operation Parsifal Operation Parsifal
Written by Damian Stevenson
Copyright: 2014

It is January 1944. In a bizarre twist of logic, Commander Ian Fleming must somehow stop a German woman from carrying out an assassination of Adolf Hitler.


I have no idea how much of the fictionalized life of Ian Fleming has any basis in truth and how much is literary license. To be honest, I have never ever cared much for fake biographical adventure stories, making a famous person suddenly solving mysteries or hunting down bad guys. In the case of these two adventures there is some basis in history in that Fleming did work for NID and did get involved in planning and running clandestine activities during the War. But I went into the reading of these with a predisposition to the negative and never found my way out of it.


My Grade: B


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