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Full Name: Sean Havens
Series Name: Safe Havens
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. T. Patten
Time Span: 2014 - 2020


Sean Havens is an agent with the CIA.

He has been a covert operative for the American government for around two decades, serving in, it seemed, every nation on the planet which harbored someone angry with the U.S. and that pretty much meant everyone.

Havens was not an intelligence gatherer. He was an eliminator. A killer. Not that he was officially designated that since assassination was no longer permitted in the Agency. "Havens' direct orders were not actually to kill. They were never quite that explicit. His commands were to follow his instinct and direct his own missions as appropriate."

Moreover, it would never be considered bad per se to fight to defend oneself so if he were just 'happen' to get caught in the middle of trouble and had to use extreme force to get out, that was reasonable and easily justified back home should the details ever become know, which they should not. "Sean Havens was good at strategically starting fights." Instinctively he did so in a way that had his opponents in a bad position from the beginning, making it more probable it would be Havens who walked away from the skirmish.

The adventures we have of Havens are not all taking place in far-away land. Some very unpleasant people have taken great exception to the toll his efforts have exacted from their operations and they have struck at his home.

That home, when the recorded adventures begin, consists of his beautiful wife of a decade and a half, Christina, and their teenage daughter, Maggie. Both will suffer greatly for Havens' work. He will make the bad guys pay greatly as well but it will never be enough.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020

1 Shadow Masters Shadow Masters
Written by J. T. Patten
Copyright: 2014

Someone is setting up innocent people to look like terrorists staging attack on American targets in order to boost funding for the intelligence communities. As Sean Havens gets suspicious, his own family becomes targeted.
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2 Primed Charge Primed Charge
Written by J. T. Patten
Copyright: 2016

While Sean Havens strives to deal with his daugther's injuries, he also has to take part in countering an attack against the West that mixes terrorism and disrupting the financial markets, pushing elections the way the plotters want.
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3 Presidential Retreat Presidential Retreat
Written by J. T. Patten
Copyright: 2020

The deep state isn't pleased with the current president. An assassination would put the Vice President in a prime election position-- if intelligence specialist Sean Havens doesn't thwart the power players' agenda. Sent undercover to Martha's Vineyard, a historic presidential summer retreat, Havens is tasked to conduct a recovery under the guise of a routine security assessment in advance of POTUS's arrival. A new threat is exposed forcing Havens into action with no backup save for a mysterious colleague, the Man from Orange, code named BIRDDOG. Unaware of a conspiracy dating back to our forefathers, Sean Havens is forced to trust old enemies in a twisted plot between the CIA, the Pond, and the upcoming presidential election. But is it Havens himself who is in the cross hairs?
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There is no doubt in my head that this writer knows action. Of course he could be faking it all but if so, he fakes really well. Or he could be genuine in which case he must be a pretty scary fellow when angered.

As to the way that the main character, Sean Havens, reacts to the tragedy his family suffered, I was not happy. It did not feel right and so the story lost a whole lot and it had already suffered because I do not care for stories in which the family back home gets hurt. Havens' response was, to me, not right. But then again, I never faced such a thing.

You should read this to get your own opinion.


My Grade: B


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