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Full Name: Max Doerr
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jay Deb
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Max Doerr is an agent with the CIA.

Technically, he was. Then he was an editor for a New York City newspaper. Then he was an agent again.

That is what we learn early on in this series where Doerr was fresh out of college hired by the Agency. He went through through the standard period of training before being sent into the field as a rookie. He showed right away how good he was at his craft and how deadly he was as a sniper, dispatching more than a couple of people deemed worthy of extreme prejudice. He was one of the best shooters the CIA ever produced. He was also very effective in putting together intelligence teams, running them successfully throughout the Middle East, but it was as a sniper where his reputation really grew.

Twelve years is how long Doerr worked for the Agency the first time. Over a decade of helping to track down particularly nasty people who poses a threat to the country and then removing that threat permanently. He was very good at it though his bosses (one especially) found his habit of having a conscience an annoyance.

Then came the day he was told his teams of embedded spies and informants were not longer needed - not cost effective. Drones and intercepts could do all that. Close down operations and let his people dangle. He refused. He was ordered. He baulked. Then he quit. Found a new job and a new wife and started again. He worked as a copy editor for a major New York newspaper and though he sometimes did not like his job, at least it was normal.

Doerr is described as having a "six-feet four-inch, muscle-stuffed physique". He has been married for one year to his adored Gayle. He had been married once before, ended years ago when that wife died and he was left to raise their only child, Billy. It is when now 19-year-old Billy is murdered and no one knows who did it, Doerr decides his old talents were in need again.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Assassin The Assassin
Written by Jay Deb
Copyright: 2014

Frustrated that there are no answers to the murder of his son, Max Doerr starts to look into the case himself but suddenly his previous career with the CIA comes flooding back and Doerr will learn that his son's death is just a small part of a very big conspiracy.
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2 The Scientist The Scientist
Written by Jay Deb
Copyright: 2015

A nuclear scientist in prison in Nevada for treason has been busted out by people offering him a chance to start over. Who is the big question presented to contract CIA agent Max Doerr when he is hired to find and bring back the man.
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There are a good number of series in this compendium in which the protagonist is out to get vengeance for a loved one. This series is one of those but it goes one huge leap further in that pathos by having the very opening pages being the altercation in which the family member becomes deceased. Talk about an opening!

That will be the cause for Max Doerr's return to the world of violence he had left some time back but for us readers, it is a good one. And the promise Doerr makes to himself is also fun to read - if the police did not bring the killer to justice in a month, Doerr would step in. "Killing was nothing new to him. He remembered the first time he had killed a man."

Good action and good characters. A couple of good, enjoyable books.


My Grade: B


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