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Full Name: Tom West
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Investment Banker

Creator: James Rogers
Time Span: 2013 - 2017


Tom West is an investment banker.

A very successful one, apparently, for he is on a first-name basis with a considerable number of powerful people in both the financial and the governmental worlds. Speaking more than a couple of languages with expertise, West is able to talk their language literally and figuratively and if there is one clear cut impression he invariably leaves people it is that West is a very intelligent and powerful man himself.

He was not always in that business. His major credentials are summed up rather nicely in one of the recorded adventures when the then American President, asking him to do a job for the nation, explained his qualifications by saying, "Tom, you're an expert counter-terrorist specialist with the FBI, a highly trained CIA black ops agent, a Naval aviator and an international banker. I have no idea what you do with your all your spare time, but I know you travel extensively all over world, including Russia. You rub shoulders with a number of their high-ranking people, speak their language and a few others fluently."

That comment about the Naval aviator does not quite do justice to the fact that before he got involved with the alphabets, he had served a few years in the U.S. Navy as a jet fighter pilot and had reached the rank of Commander. Even back in civilian life he was part of the Naval Reserve. Quite an impressive resume.

His line of work will change rather drastically back to his black ops days as the series progresses. Considering all the very nasty things that happen to America during that time, it is not surprising that West would feel finance to not be as important.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2017

1 Fall From Grace Fall From Grace
Written by James Rogers
Copyright: 2014

In response to the Star Wars threat from the U.S., the Soviet Union in the mid 80's had created Entropek, a substance that cause matter to fall apart. A couple of pounds could destroy a 10-square block area. Many years later, 5 pounds are said to be stockpiled in Russia and the U.S. President sends Tom West to steal it and bring it back for destruction.
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2 Chiefs Chiefs
Written by James Rogers
Copyright: 2013

After cruise missiles destroy the Capitol during the State of the Union address, next in line for leadership is the Secretary of State, Sarah Lander, who was in London finalize a trade deal. She is then almost killed in an assassination attempt. Tom West in in the City on business when he happens to be in the area to stop another try at her. Now both of them are targets.
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3 The Ultimate Offense The Ultimate Offense
Written by James Rogers
Copyright: 2014

Iran joins with the Muslin Brotherhood and North Korea, as well as a few others, to launch a multi-part assault on the U.S. This includes releasing aerosolized cyanide during the dedication ceremony for the new Capitol. Suddenly the first female VP is now the President. Tom West is brought in to help stop further assaults.
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4 A Testy Alliance A Testy Alliance
Written by James Rogers
Copyright: 2015

Former KGB operatives have their hands on a powerful EMP weapon and are using it along the U.S.-Mexican border as well as finding a way to smuggle it into space. Tom West is already on a mission to free some American hostages they have taken. Now his mission is a whole lot bigger.
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5 The Last Breath The Last Breath
Written by James Rogers
Copyright: 2017

An Iranian high level aide is working with an ISIS operative to smuggle sarin gas into Mexico for use in America. The Ochoa cartel is helping them. Tom West is given permission to target them all but killing the cartel leadership only brings more enemies out for his head.
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When you have the President of the United States (fictional one, I need to point out) refer to the main character, Tom West, as a "pompous, pseudo-moralist", you know you have a unique character. Granted, the POTUS in this instance is really a ne'er-do-well and was being pressured by West to resign but still, the criticism is a first for this reader.

This series is a combination of spy-fi and political thriller and it was fun to read. West is more than a little too good to be believed but still fun. I will have to admit, though, that at times the harsh words of the Prez sound rather true.


My Grade: B


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