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Full Name: Jo Carreras, Caylin Pike, Theresa Hearth
Series Name: Covert Affairs
Nationality: American
Organization: The Tower
Occupation Agent

Creator: Elizabeth Cage
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


The Spy Girls is a trio of agents for the Tower.

Each of the three young women, newly graduated from high school, was thrilled with an invitation to travel to Washington, D.C. and be interviewed for a possible placement with fun-sounding program. Sort of like the Peace Corps, they were thinking. They were surprised to learn that the organization calling them was one called the Tower and it was an intelligence organization. And it wanted them as agents. That was a shocker.

So was learning that each of the three had been followed and monitored and analyzed since the 7th grade because each shows such remarkable potential. And now it was time to bring them into the fold, train them, and let them out to handle missions all over the world. While all that was indeed shocking, so was the fact that each of them said yes.

The next sixteen weeks were spent in "Bond-style training" learning all sorts of things they would need to be the kind of spies that the Tower had long predicted they would be. And during the four month period, three women who had never met also learned how to operate as a team. Jo Carreras, Caylin Pike, and Theresa Hearth were their names.

Carreras was the daughter of a Cuban lawyer who escaped to Florida as a teenager and worked his way up the legal ladder to eventually become a judge. She had been on hand when a drive-by shooting had gunned him down leaving her an orphan at 14. The rest of her upbringing was done with an Aunt. That murder, though, had changed a straight-laced "good-little-girl" named Josefina into Jo, "the fun-loving, boy-crazy, connoisseur of fast food, faster fashion, and the fastest cars on earth".

Pike had become a world-class skateboarder who could have made a name for herself there if the Tower had not called. She got that good through constant practice, sometimes ignoring other lessons. Getting that much time to train came about because she also learned many different ways to break curfew, get out and get back in without being caught.

Hearth was the most timid of the three, worried that she would not have what it took out in the real world to do her job. She saw herself as a "computer fiend" who was "more used to working on the sidelines than being in the eye of the storm".

A party-animal, an athlete, and a computer whiz now make up the team given the codename Spy Girls.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 License To Thrill License To Thrill
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

The Spy Girls' first mission is to fly to London and hook up with the ever-so-cute sone of an American ambassador. They are not there to protect him, though, but to stop him from destroying the planet.
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2 Live And Let Spy Live And Let Spy
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

In Eastern Europe, a young ballerina has been kidnapped. A doppelganger has been put in her place with the orders to get close to and kill the prime minister of Varokhanstan. The Spy Girls are the ones to save the leader.
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3 Nobody Does It Better Nobody Does It Better
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

The task for the Spy Girls is to get hold of a device that can break through any cybersecurity. It looked difficult but nothing like they found and they certainly did not expect to end up on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
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4 Spy Girls Are Forever Spy Girls Are Forever
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

A super hot rock star has gone missing in Switzerland and there are international implications to the disappearance. The Spy Girls are sent there to find the singer but all they can think about is the great skiing.
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5 Dial Dial "V" For Vengeance
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

The mission for the Spy Girls is to head to Rio and hook up with a young woman who can help them break up a drug-smuggling operations. Unfortunately, the woman is the daughter of the man who killed Jo's father, leaving her to choose between mission and justice.
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6 If Looks Could Kill If Looks Could Kill
Written by Elizabeth Cage
Copyright: 2014

Lucian West is a guru with a rapidly growing following. He preaches peace and harmony but word comes out of his home base in the tiny Asian nasion of Kinh-Sanh that he might be looking for more than followers, like taking over the planet.
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I pondered for a wee bit whether to list these adventures as "books", i.e. for adults, or "young adult books", designed for younger audiences. I ended up choosing the latter, largely because Amazon dubbed them as for "12+" but from the content of the stories, they could easily have gone the other way.

Not that there is anything at all risque about the stories. They just talk a good talk and, please forgive this very old man, that talk was a lot of fun to read. Especially Jo. She is such a flirt!

These are quick, easy-to-read, lighter fare and believe me when I say that reading them for the purposes of making this entry was NO problem. The author, Elizabeth Cage, is one terrific, skilled author. No matter what age or sex the reader is.


My Grade: B+


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