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Full Name: Rizwan Sabir
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charlie Flowers
Time Span: 2012 - 2017


Rizwan "Riz" Sabir is an agent with KTS.

That acronym stands for "Kinetic Training Solutions" which pretty much does what is supposed to in the naming business; it tells the reader something without telling anything of any use. One thing it definitely does not tell anyone is that it is used for an agency which is a "semi-private wing of the Ministry of Defence knows". "It lay in the shadowy area between Intelligence, Special Forces, and 'solutions providing'".

I could be wrong on this next part but it certainly seems as if the operatives working for KTS were for the most part former felons or would-be felons if they had been tried for many of their crimes. Certainly Sabir fits the former group having languished for more than a few months in the custody of Her Majesty's government. He knows how the bar on a cell wall look from spending a decent amount of time on both sides.

He was born in 1983, the only child of a Pakistani couple who ran a small shop. He had a normal upbringing and showed no particular aptitude or interest in anything outside girls when he entered teenage, except for a knack at stealing cars. "There wasn't a car me or my gang couldn't break into and deliver to a moody garage or a middleman." During that time Wahaabism was gaining a foothold in the Muslin communities and Sabir started paying a bit of attention, at least as far as feeling his "crimewave" as a act of rebellion. The revolt ended about a year later when he was nabbed and remanded to Juvenile prison.

There he fell under the influence of the Brothers of al-Muhajiroun. Over the next three years of incarceration, he became a convert and a jihadist and a would-be terrorist. When he got out, his path was laid out for him as a new member of a terrorist cell with a plan for major mayhem and destruction and killing. Luckily for Sabir, his teammates were not as skilled as he was in anything and the would-be attack fizzled and they were all caught and sent up again.

This time, he was an adult and went to an adult prison and luckily met a different sort of imam who preached a whole different style of Islam and Sabir came to see that his previous beliefs were all bunk. He was done with that for good.

And around then the leader of KTS came for a visit with a piece of paper saying that, if he signed, he would be given a pardon and a new job, working for the KTS. He signed.

Any introduction to Riz Sabir and his adventures would not be complete without an introduction to Holly Kirpachi. She is his cousin, although how far removed is hard to tell. Sabir was first told of her as a young boy and more or less informed she would be his bride. A look at a picture of her did not thrill him and the idea of marrying someone he had never met was a no-sale. That and it all took place when the idea of marriage to anyone was a no-sale.

But as he was going through his major changes in life, in and out of remand, she was also changing quite a bit. For one thing she got to be quite pretty. And quite smart, able to do all sorts of dangerous and largely illegal things on the computer and the Internet. And she joined a hard-fighting, hard-living girl gang. And she moved up the ranks to be in charge of it. And she got the nickname of 'Bang-Bang' and that name had nothing to do with hairstyles or sex.

When Sabir was an established member of KTS, the need for someone of her qualifications presented itself. She was approached. She agreed.

Sabir by himself was a very qualified operative. Bang-Bang by herself was a very qualified operative. Together, they are impressive.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2017

1 Hard Kill Hard Kill
aka Riz
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2012

London is in turmoil as a string of terrorist attacks has everyone upset and worried. Rizwan Sabir is one of the operatives on the job of finding who is behind them and stopping it. To do this, he needs the help of Holly "Bang-Bang" Kirpachi, an internet hacker and burlesque dancer and leader of a very dangerous female gang.
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2 Danger Close Danger Close
aka The Fox Princess
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2012

The rumors have come in that inside the Metropolitan Police are a gang of terrorists ready to do something very unpleasant. Rizwan Sabir is assigned to find the truth and if necessary who the infiltrators are. He needs and wants the help of his fiancee, Bang-Bang, but she has gone missing and may have been snatched by American intelligence.
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3 Kill Order Kill Order
aka Bloody Honeymoon
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2013

Rizwan Sabir is ready to marry girl gang leader Holly "Bang Bang" Kirpachi. It is something they have been looking forward to for some time. Of course trouble steps in when they are given the mission to stop a series of murders plaguing the East End of London.
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4 Battle Come Down Battle Come Down
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2014

Numerous riots and rampages greet Rizwan Sabir and his bride, Bang-Bang, as they return from their honeymoon. The word is spreading that "M Day" is coming, whatever that means. Sabir is ordered to find a gang leader named 3Dogs and bring him in but he has to go through a lot of gang members to get to the boss.
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5 Murder Most Rural Murder Most Rural
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2015

Rizwan Sabir and Bang-Bang are seconded to the SAS for a training exercise in Essex where they stick out like sore thumbs draped in neon. When there is a suicide which likely is not a suicide happens, it falls to them to find the truth.
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6 Banger Banger
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2016

This book explores the history of Rizwan Sabir's rather unusual wife, Bang-Bang, and how she turned into a hard-ass-kicking girl gang leader and computer whiz, not to mention someone finding employment in the world of burlesque.
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7 The Boldest Measures The Boldest Measures
Written by Charlie Flowers
Copyright: 2017

The assignment looked so easy. Rizwan Sabir and Bang-Bang were simply to escort a jihadi prisoner to an MI-6 facility in Portsmouth. They did not expect that the CIA would not want the man to arrive and that if he got killed, they would have to be eliminated as well.
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Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Mrs. Kirpachi's Cookbook Mrs. Kirpachi's Cookbook
Written by Charlie Flowers, Misbah Mazhar
Copyright: 2017

Everytime Rizwan Sabir drops by his mother-in-law's place, she has something new for him to try. This cookbook describes many of those dishes and mroe.
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To say that Riz Sabir has led an interesting life is to be underwhelming in description. Radicalized and turned into a domestic terrorist while in one institution and then detoxing himself while in another and then agreeing to help the very type of people who were after him in the first place. Like I say, interesting.

These are very, very well written stories with a lot of interesting characters to know and love or hate presented with incredibly smooth and enjoyable prose. The stories flow beautifully and I didn't find myself bogged down anywhere and I did find myself wanting to immediately know what happens next when I finished one of the adventures. That last is a very good sign of a very good series. Which this series definitely is.

And you GOTTA love Bang-Bang. My goodness, what a delightfully interesting, fun, and not a little scary person to have around, much less fall in love with and marry. She is terrific.


My Grade: A-


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