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Full Name: Jack Malaney
Series Name: The Seaforth Files
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nicholas Clark
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


First Look:
       Jack Malaney is an agent with MI-6.
       The first time we meet him, he isn't. He is an engineer onboard a Russian fishing trawler in the North Atlantic. Rather a strange occupation for a Scotsman but unique enough to be interesting. An act of heroism in saving a Russian crewman of another nearby vessel who had fallen overboard, or an act of suicidal stupidity to ask any of the other Russians on the ship, would bring a meeting with the female captain of that vessel and that encounter would lead to a whole new line of work.
       I especially enjoyed the brief repartee between the MI-6 recruiter and Malaney as when asked by the recruiter how Malaney would feel about serving his country, Malaney asked back if he was needed to play football for Scotland.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Baltic Triangle The Baltic Triangle
Written by Nicholas Clark
Copyright: 2013

This volume describes how Scotsman Jack Malaney is recruited by MI-6 and how his first two missions went. The first has this former North Atlantic fisherman turned engineer on a Russian trawler spying on the Russian trawler fleet, some of which are thought to be submarine suppliers.

2 Deadly States Deadly States
Written by Nicholas Clark
Copyright: 2013

The IRA is sending a group of its agents to South Africa to learn how to make the switch from terrorism to commerce. It is the 1990's and Jack Malaney is put undercover in that African nation as the head of an engineering company to spy on them as well as keep an eye out for other IRA members who are not liking this new pacifist attitude.
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3 Angels of Deceit Angels of Deceit
Written by Nicholas Clark
Copyright: 2014

After decades of putting his life on the line for his country, Jack Malaney is stunned to learn that many years before during a tryst with a Soviet agent, a daughter was created and she had become a formidable agent just like her mother. To reach her, he needs the help of a former KGB agent but, of course, that favor comes with its own cost, this one being to help take down an international organization with tendrils in countries all over the world.
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