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Full Name: Seth Rogan
Series Name: An Involuntary Spy
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Biologist

Creator: Kenneth Eade
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Seth Rogan is a biologist.

"Some were calling him a traitor. The president of the United States said he was wanted for 'espionage' and 'aiding our enemies'. Somewhere between his good intentions and unselfish acts he had become the 'bad guy'. Espionage was always something that Seth had read about in novels or watched in the movies. He had never experienced it in real life. Until now. He didn't feel like James Bond. He knew he couldn't step off this Aeroflot nonstop flight from Washington to Moscow clean shaven, shoot ten bad guys who were on his tail, and then relax in bed with a beautiful female Russian spy, sipping on a vodka martini, shaken not stirred."

From the opening pages of the first recorded adventure, we have Rogan, a 44-year-old highly experience and once respected genetic biologist who had a great job with a great salary and great perks working for the largest biotech company in the world. Then when he was testing, as directed, some of the company's genetically engineered (aka GMO) foods, he uncovered something he was not supposed to. When he would not play ball and stay mum, he found that money talked and suddenly the FBI and the CIA and all the other alphabets were wanting his hide for reasons that were never really explained.

So he needed a safe haven and that meant turning to a country who was not afraid of the U.S. and had enough muscle to back that up. and he chose Russia. Of course nothing comes for free and Russia wanted something in return and so Rogan who was never cut out to be a spy or agent or operative or whatever you wanted to call it, suddenly and involuntarily, became one.

Good Line:
- Very true moral from the end of the first adventure: "You can't kill a snake unless you cut off the head."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 An Involuntary Spy An Involuntary Spy
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2013

Life was good for Seth Rogan. He was a biologist at a hugh biotech firm and making very good money and enjoyed what he did. Then it all went to pieces when he was asked to check into the company's GMO foods and he learned things he wished he hadn't and that trouble mushrooms until he is hunted by the CIA and the FBI and it looks like the only place safe for him was Russia.
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2 To Russia For Love To Russia For Love
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2015

When his Russian girl friend, a secret agent, disappears on assignment in Ukraine, he heads back to Russia to begin his own search. What he soon uncovers is that his old firm, the biotech conglomerate, is up to no good and trying to start a war between Ukraine and Russia.
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To me the first adventure was very much a whistle-blower needing to find a way to stay alive, and it was pretty good at that. Of course there was lots of cloak and dagger stuff going on at the same time, especially with a major conglamerate trying real hard to kill the protagonist.

The second one was more spy-centric in its nature but that nasty company was still very much up to no good. That and needing to save the love of his life.

Both had a bunch of the action that I have come to expect and appreciate from the author.


My Grade: B


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