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Full Name: Daniel Knox
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. A. Heaton
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Daniel Knox is an agent with the CIA.

Well, he is a CIA analyst. Not quite the same thing as a field agent. Vitally important to the mission because without intelligent people analyzing data from all sorts of sources and making logical conclusions, the field agent can often be barking up the wrong tree or worse yet, standing under it when the tree fell. Knox is extremely good at his analysis, though he seems to be perpetually behind on his translation duties, perhaps a result of there always being more piled in his in-box.

Knox is an Uzbek linguist, an expert thanks to "having lived in an Uzbek village in the mountains ... in Afghanistan for linguistic research, followed by further study in Uzbekistan when the Taliban grew too powerful". He "understood all dialects of Uzbek and could grasp related languages".

The introduction we have with Knox is very entertaining and quite descriptive of the man. He is nearing the end of his doctoral process, ready to submit and defend his dissertation when friends give him a party to celebrate his finishing, something he is determined to point out to them has not yet happened. His honesty and his modesty is enough to earn him the nickname of Boy Scout but he is insistent that he really an ordinary guy just getting by. That's when two men in dark suits appear at the front door and proclaim, "Doctor Knox, you must come with us immediately. There is a situation, and your presence is required".

     It's kind of hard to convince friend you are ordinary when something like that happens.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Greatest Game The Greatest Game
Written by J. A. Heaton
Copyright: 2019

CIA Analyst Daniel Knox made a discovery with considerable importance. He did not expect when he reported it, though, that he would find himself in the field with his life in constant danger from a warlord who did not appreciate the unveiling. Knox was a linguist. He had no training in survival or fighting back. He would have to learn quickly.
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2 The Missing Spy The Missing Spy
Written by J. A. Heaton
Copyright: 2019

The CIA assigns Daniel Knox the mission to analyze the data and come up with the answer as to who was the spy who betrayed his own country and revealed valuable intelligence to Russia. This means that Knox is again out in the field where he is not comfortable going up against trained people who knew how to kill easily and quietly and one of them was a traitor and knew Knox was hunting him.
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3 The Spymaster The Spymaster
Written by J. A. Heaton
Copyright: 2019

Daniel Knox's main job with the CIA was hunting terrorists. It was not going up against one of Russia's best spymasters. Unfortunately, that man was very much after Knox and other CIA agents for having blocked his moves. Several of those agents were recently killed and Knox learns he and his family are up next.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Main Enemy The Main Enemy
Written by J. A. Heaton
Copyright: 2019

Tells the "backstory of the Russian spymaster pulling all the strings".


I really get excited when I come upon a new series that is as well written and interesting and exciting and logical as the Daniel Knox tales. And when the character is someone I know I'll enjoy following, it is even better.

Three full-length novels exist now and hopefully there will be more to come. Knox is a totally believable character who lucks into and out of things sometimes and other times uses the brain he is gifted with to do the same.

Knox is also the time of person I like to remember I was back those many years ago. I was not even close, of course, but I like to remember it that way.


My Grade: A-


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