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Full Name: Jake Mahegan
Nationality: American
Organization: Delta Force
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: A. J. Tata
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Jake Mahegan is a part-time agent of Delta Force.

While many people would consider a Reservist as being part-time in the military, myself included, Mahegan has a different sort of on-call connection. His "employment" comes as a result of an occasional summons by his former commander and off-times pain-in-the-neck, Major General Savage, Delta Force commander working out of Fort Bragg.

When we first meet Mahegan he is one year out of the military having been released from their employ under conditions that fluctuated between honorable and dishonorable depending on whom you talked with.

Prior to that he was a Captain with Delta Force. He had joined the service and immediately applied for the Rangers becoming a skilled paratrooper and earning a reputation as an exceptional soldier and leader. When he was asked to apply to Delta, he eagerly did so and was accepted and as always his training took on an even greater level of intensity.

The unpleasant event that terminated his service came on a mission for capture a Taliban leader beheading prisoners on the Internet, a man known as the American Taliban because he was so obviously U.S.-born and bred and now working for the extremists in Afghanistan. His group had napped a bomber and was taking him back for interrogation, certain the man would point the way to main target, when a trap was sprung and most of Mahegan's men killed. In anger, Mahegan has killed the escaping bomber rather than try to stop him and therein lay the reason for the fluctuation in separation. Justified shooting or not was the question. There was no doubt in Mahegan's mind, though.

Being a civilian now, Mahegan is slowly creating a life for himself largely in his home state of North Carolina. Being a Native American from a small town in the Outer Banks called Frisco, he loves the area and enjoys being back.

Unfortunately for this former soldier, that puts him near Fort Bragg and his old commander and makes him available for the odd job that Savage finds for this off-the-books operative.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

1 Foreign and Domestic Foreign and Domestic
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2015

It has been one year since the Delta Force mission in Afghanistan lead by Jake Mahegan went horribly wrong and his team was wiped out and an enemy prisoner killed. Mahegan is thrown out dishonorably. Now he wants to clear his name but the military tells him to go away. Then the American Taliban who was the traitor that caused the trouble has come back to the U.S. and Mahegan knows he is plotting an attack and he is determined to stop him - his way.
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2 Three Minutes To Midnight Three Minutes To Midnight
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2017

Someone killed Jake Mahegan's mother at a drilling site in North Carolina. He is determined to find who it was and enact justice his way. At the same time, an Army Reserve geologist is kidnapped from Fort Bragg just a day after returning from Afghanistan. The two incidents will be connected and will be part of an horrific terrorist plot.
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3 Beseiged Beseiged
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2017

Jake Mahegan was checking on an adult daughter of a colleague at the school where she taught when a suicide bomber walks through the door. That is just the beginning of a nightmare situation that will result in a 12-year old autistic girl being kidnapped and Mahegan determined to find her.
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4 Direct Fire Direct Fire
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2018

It started with the murder of a banker. Then a military family were massacred in their sleep. Next a general is snatched from his farm outside Fort Bragg. Jack Mahegan will come to learn all three events are connected and it has to do with terrorists training in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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5 Dark Winter Dark Winter
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2019

The hackers who have broken into the most secure sites in the country are having a field day. Power grids go down. Defense systems are hit. U.S. missiles go astray and hit the wrong targets. Jake Mahegan must split up his people to go after each problem but that just weakens their effectiveness.
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6 Double Crossfire Double Crossfire
Written by A. J. Tata
Copyright: 2019

Presidential candidate Jamie Carter was certain she would win the election. Then she didn't. Her ambition is not tempered, however, and she has a backup plan. Move to North Carolina. Get the currently elected Senator who is also President Pro Tem dead. Get appointed to take his place by her pal, the governor. That puts her just notches from the top job in the country.
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I was a big fan of General Tata's first series and so had mixed feelings about a new one because I regretted seeing not having more of that previous one. Still, Tata is a dynamic, talented, and engaging author so I figured the new guy would be a character I would likely enjoy and I was correct.

In fact, while I enjoy the series as much as the first, if not more, I definitely enjoy Mahegan a lot. I devoured the first book and immediately went on to the next and, as I said in my comments on the other series, I am not a big military action guy. Which is why the Mahegan books appeal to me so much - lots of action but in every day settings. Plus I live in North Caroline where much of the action takes place so it has a home-turf feel to it.

There are six books in the series as of this entry and I hope there are more. Certainly I hope there will be more books from the General, regardless of what series they are in.


My Grade: A-


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