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Full Name: Andrew Pitman
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Macidull
Time Span: 2013 - 2013


Andrew Pitman is an agent with the CIA.

He is rapidly approaching retirement and is looking forward to it.

So is his wife, Alexis, though she is planning to retire from Russian Intelligence. Of course it might be also that she was really working for the Agency but that is not established so far so I do not know. What I do know is that these two are very much in love and have no secrets from each other, almost from the moment when they met years before in Rio where he was stationed at the time and she was sent with Pitman as her mission.

It is important to note that while Andrew is a very intelligent and inciteful agent, one who has risen to the position of Deputy Director for Foreign Operations, a job he thinks of as the "foreign office", the real logical thinking in the family is Alexis, aka Allie. This woman sees everything, grasps the subtlety in everything, and has the brainpower to put the pieces together in such a way as to be spooky. It is no wonder Andrew loved her so much.

Their marriage, as described early on, was now going on 25 years and was interesting in that "they made an agreement - she would help him with his work and keep from getting bored with children and social clubs, only on the condition that the charade be supported by her having children and attending social clubs."

"It was the perfect cover. They raised two foster children, she belonged to the best clubs, and she knew more about the espionage business than most professionals, with the distinct advantage of being invisible. After the children left, she worked part-time for a local book publishing firm as an editor and proofreader."

I was fascinated by Alexis, especially her training at the Higher Intelligence School in Moscow many years before when she at one point mused, "Nothing but training. Dance and karate. Poise and pistols. Knives. Anatomy. Radios. Morse code. Chemistry. Flying airplanes. Music. Elementary poisons, intermediate poisons, advanced poisons..." One interesting education.

While Andrew Pitman is supposed to be sitting a desk at Langley and running his department from there and Allie Pitman is supposed to be sitting a desk at the publishing house, they both grab any opportunity they can find to get back into the field, despite their ages.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 The Chiang Imperative The Chiang Imperative
Written by John Macidull
Copyright: 2013

The prize is 30,000 tons of gold once hidden by Ghengis Khan and later re-hidden by Chaing Kai-shek. The clues for its whereabouts have resurfaced and the hunt is on. America wants to get it but also wants to make sure Russia does not. Russia would prefer no one find it because it would destroy the price of gold, making their own stockpile much lower in value. Andrew Pitman and his wife Alexis are thrown into the problem and might even be able to come out of it alive.
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2 Alien Legacy Alien Legacy
Written by John Macidull
Copyright: 2013

In 1519 as the Spanish were encroaching onto their land, the Incans hid a cache of art, gold, and jewels in a cave high up in the Andes. The Spanish never found it but the Incans who survived passed down through generations stories about the treasure, as well as a strange saucer-shaped object said to be with it. In modern times with the drug lords controlling so much of the country of Peru with their drug money, finding the treasure again might counter their financial power. Andrew Pitman and his wife Alexis are both trying to retire from their organizations but one last mission comes their way. Find the treasure before someone else does.
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This series is a fun combination of a spy series and a political suspense and a treasure hunting thriller with a dash of mysticism thrown in. The Pitmans are the "stars" of the series, IMHO, but there are several other important players to keep track of. Still, it is they that I liked the best, especially the keen analytical and adventurous Alexis.

I liked Andrew Pitman but I really took to the terrific Alexis  and would have loved more about there. 

Alas, there are only two adventures for this pair and it seems unlikely there will be any more so enjoy these!


My Grade: B


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