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Full Name: Agent Peacock
Series Name: Peacock Trilogy
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Wetterman
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Agent Peacock is an agent with the Hercules Project.

She was born Donna O'Connor but for the purposes of her employment with Hercules, O'Connor might as well have not existed. When the Director of the Project pulled her out of her application meeting to join the CIA, he knew she had what he was needing for an agent with his organization and usurped her from the Agency. He would explain to her that Hercules worked for the same people the CIA did but were separate entities. From the moment the interview began, she was Applicant Twelve and from the time she accepted and was accepted by Hercules, she was codenamed Peacock.

O'Connor/Twelve/Peacock was interesting to Hercules because of her lack of emotions. It was not that she was a psychopath. It was that eight years before, her family was in a horrific car accident that killed all but her and she watched as the vehicle she was thrown from burned. From that moment she was unable to feel emotions, good or bad. Love was alien. Affection nonexistent, at least as it pertained to humans. But, and this was very important to Hercules, she had learned to fake it. This meant that most people around her might think her shy and introverted instead of simply unfeeling. She could maintain that pose for some time and then, when the need to act and even to kill came, she instantly switched it off and killed without hesitation, concern, or remorse, just the belief that she was doing what she was ordered to do.

So a well-trained agent with no compassion for possible victims, no family life to conflict with her duty, and a desire to be of some use to someone made Peacock a very valuable agent.

Good Line:

"Agent Peacock doesn't argue. She disables people."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 Room 1515 Room 1515
Written by Bill Wetterman
Copyright: 2013

Arthur Pendleton is a man with a mission - to bring down the world's economy and then rebuild the planet under one government, ruled by him. Agent Peacock has the mission of bringing him down and she will do anything to accomplish that, even marrying him. In the process of doing her job she learns two things of some importance. One, there is a plan to kill the U.S. President. Two, she is pregnant.
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2 Madness Madness
Written by Bill Wetterman
Copyright: 2013

Agent Peacock has an implant in her head that is slowly deteriorating and when it goes, so does she, as she learns from the man she has been assigned to kill. The would-be world ruler Arthur Pendleton also knows about the implant and has the facilities to remove it and save her but if he does, she will likely still try to kill him.
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3 A Covenant With Death A Covenant With Death
Written by Bill Wetterman
Copyright: 2015

It is 25 years in the future and Agent Peacock is being held by the enemy of the Global Realm. Her children launch a scheme to keep the enemy busy to buy time to get all of their people on a ship to Mars.
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     Agent Peacock is a fascinating psychological study. Not being trained in any way in such matters, I do not approach this with any clinical leanings. I just enjoy the heck out of her being so hot at being so cold.

     I also enjoy the nice mixture of science fiction and spy fiction in this trilogy. It is important to note, though, that these books really should (okay, absolutely have to) be read in order and, IMHO, one right after the other or you will forget things and get confused. Makes sense, though, since the same thing holds for the character, which you will understand better once you've read the books.


My Grade: B


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