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Full Name: Robert Garcia
Codename: Paladine
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kenneth Eade
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Robert Garcia is a hunter of terrorists.

He had been born John Richards, jr., son of a career military father and a Lebanese wife. When he was old enough he followed in his father's footsteps and joined the military, soon working his way up to the rank of Captain. It was then that his life took a drastic turn, the result of his having acquired much of his mother's complexion as well as a native grasp of Arabic such that he could easily pass for someone of that region. Thus was Richards reborn as Malik Abdul.

As Abdul he and a select group of others were seconded on numerous occasions to handle "the most extreme of circumstances - covert operations for well-known agencies who called themselves by three-letter acronyms - and the unknown ones as well". He would work in this regard for another good number of years until he eventually decided to retire.

It was some time after leaving his previous career behind that an event would happen that caused him to drop the Abdul persona like he had years before dropped the Richards one. As a result, he created a new identity for himself as Robert Garcia.

Then came a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A quick stop at a McDonald's, minding his own business. The entry of a 22-year old would be terrorist with an AK-47 and a desire to kill as many patrons as he could. Three bullets from Garcia's pistol to end the threat and then a quick exit before being identified. The press had a field day. One enterprising reporter dubbed the unknown shooter "Paladine".

After that would come an offer by a wealthy dying man with a desire to get vengeance for a son killed by terrorists. Richards/Abdul/Garcia/Paladine had a new career.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 Paladine Paladine
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2016

Relates the story of how John Richards became Malik Abdul then Robert Garcia then Paladine and the first mission he took working for his new boss. That task was to track down an ISIS cell ready to launch attacks in America.
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2 Russian Holiday Russian Holiday
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2016

Paladine preferred to work alone, doing things his own way but now working for the CIA he has orders and rules and, worst of all, help. The help was bad because after a successful mission, he goes to his extraction point and found nothing there. Capture and torture follow. Death would have as well if not for rescue by Russian soldiers, one of whom recognized a kindred spirit.
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3 Traffick Stop Traffick Stop
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2017

Ready to give retirement another chance and leave the killing behing, Paladine accidentally comes upon a band of Syrian sex traffickers. He didn't want it but now he has a new mission. To stop them.
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4 Unwanted Unwanted
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2017

Paladine/Robert Garcia was dead. At least most of the world thought so. In fact he was sailing around the Med with his girlfriend and his dog. Then his old boss, who knew the truth, tells him a former comrade, Ayisha Cullen, is a prisoner of ISIS. Paladine must come back to life.
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5 Evil Trade Evil Trade
Written by Kenneth Eade
Copyright: 2018

"Paladine/Robert Garcia, who does black ops work for a mysterious agency, is assigned to stop an ISIS plot to traffic in human organs. He accomplishes this with horrific efficiency, but a sudden betrayal sends Garcia in a new direction, in what increasingly looks like a suicide mission--and he can trust no one."
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This series is about a cold-blooded killer who really, really, really hates terrorists. Can't blame him there, of course, but this guy puts his opinion into action over and over again. There is absolutely no subtlety in these adventures - no criticism on that part but just wanted it known.

I did like the way the character was allowed to change a bit as the stories moved along although the beginning part about Richards becoming Abdul becoming Garcia was very rushed and seemed odd. Once he was Garcia, though, the move to Paladine made sense.


My Grade: B


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