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Full Name: Cal Martin
Codename: Spectre
Nationality: American
Organization: Project Archangel
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. W. Lemoine
Time Span: 2013 - 2019


Cal 'Spectre' Martin is an agent with Project Archangel.

He will be as the series progresses though he is not at the very beginning of the first recorded adventure. He will be for a fair amount of time and then he will not be anymore. In other words, Martin, like most people, will have career changes. His will be rather abrupt and not always with his blessing, though.

Martin was an F-16 pilot during the wars in Iraq. It was there he was given the nickname of 'Spectre'. He had already served one full tour in country and was on his second rotation when an incident occurred and Martin found himself grounded being told he would never fly a fighter again.

It would be while coming to grips with that news that Project Archangel would come to call. That was an operation put together by an agency that refused to be identified because the operations of the Project were totally off-book. It will be for this group that Martin's second career would begin and he would again put his life in danger over and over again.

Project Archangel was "comprised of former pilots and Special Operations Forces members from all services". Its leader, a senior officer nicknamed Ironman, "reported directly to the Secretary of Defense. Officially, they were Department of Defense contractors. Unofficially, they were the SECDEF's go-to unit when the President needed plausible deniability in matters involving delicate foreign relations. Specializing in self-sustained surgical strike and counterterrorism operations, the group could be deployed anywhere in the world without a need for U.S. Military air or ground support. In fact, Project Archangel was best known for its ability to provide its own Close Air Support and Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance." With its own fleet of fighter jets, and Blackhawk helicopters, Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and much more, Project Archangel employed some of the best combat pilots in the world."

One of those pilots was Martin. In the air he was one of the best. He had to learn quickly that Project Archangel also put their people into action on the ground so being able to take care of himself outside the cockpit was also vital. He had those skills.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2019

1 Spectre Rising Spectre Rising
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2013

It had been years since Cal Martin left the danger of being a fighter pilot but now he steps back into the danger zone when his fiancee and fellow pilot has gone missing on what should have been a routing training mission off South Florida. What he finds in his search is an international conspiracy that poses a major threat to his own life as well as national security.
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2 Avoid. Negotiate. Kill. Avoid. Negotiate. Kill.
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2014

Cal 'Spectre' Martin has recently become part of Project Archangel, an operation run by a government agency no one will identify. Then a top-secret mission to get hold of chemical weapons in Syria goes pear-shaped and he is a civilian again. Except someone is trying to kill him and manages to kill one of his friends. Now Martin wants justice, his way.
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3 Archangel Falling Archangel Falling
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2015

Cal Martin is in hiding, hunted as a fugitive because he is being used as a scapegoat. As he searches for a way to both clear his name and get justice for his murdered friend, he has to avoid the FBI agent determined to get him.
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4 Executive Reaction Executive Reaction
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2015

Thinking he would be able to tell the President what has been happening, Cal Martin is onboard Air Force One ready to do the telling when a series of terrorist attacks elsewhere puts the Secret Service on alert and the President's plane makes an emergency landing on Midway. That's just the start of the trouble.
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5 Brick By Brick Brick By Brick
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2016

Wanting to know what really was behind the kidnapping of the President on Midway Island, a powerful U.S. Senator asks for help from Cal Martin and FBI agent Michelle Decker. Then an F-35 crashes close to the Senator's home and a different investigation is needed. Martin does not get far, though, when an explosion on base points to him as the culprit and he lands in jail.
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6 Stand Against Evil Stand Against Evil
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2016

Cal Martin seems to have made it to the other side and is settling down with his family, out of trouble and danger. Then the team continuing the investigations he had started run into a major setback and Kruger, the man leading that team, walks away. Martin must find a way to convince him to return to duty even if it means doing so himself.
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7 The Helios Conspiracy The Helios Conspiracy
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2018

Having given up the flying of fighter jets for a safer career as an airline pilot, Cal Martin is happy. Then a friend of his dies in a gas explosion and Martin knows he has to look into it. He finds an international conspiracy which is determined to bring down the Western governments.
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8 Fini Flight Fini Flight
Written by C. W. Lemoine
Copyright: 2019

All his military and paramilitary life was behind Cal Martin and he was enjoying a life as a stay-at-home dad and writer. Then a ghost from his past comes asking for help. A general in North Korea is angry with talks of peace between his country and the U.S. and has a plot to use a EMP weapon to bring about WWIII.
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This series is a hoot for aerial enthusiasts as well as spy fans. Now, I am not one of the former, being quite happy to remain low on the ground, but I was surprised and pleased at how well I took to the descriptions of events happening up in the sky at crazy speeds. And then there is the ton of action taking place on the ground (where I feel safe?).

The author, C. W. Lemoine, definitely knows how to put together an action sequence to keep the excitement going and yet put you right in the midst of it. He is a heckuva talent.


My Grade: A-


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