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Full Name: Kylie Cain
Series Name: The PSI Series
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. K. Alexander, J. R. Rain
Time Span: 2013 - 2018


Kylie Cain is an agent with the PSI.

That acronym stands for Psychic Sensory Intelligence and represents a little known black ops branch of the American Intelligence community, connected to the CIA, which uses extrasensory abilities in the defense of the security of the country. It works to both gather intel on what other nations and groups are up to as well as fight to stop them from learning about America's plans.

Cain is an audial telepath - a person who can hear conversations miles away. That qualifies her for membership in this group of psychics and provides a powerful weapon to be used on her assignments. That alone, though, is not enough to be an agent since that gift cannot stop fists and knives and bullets from inflicting deadly damage while on a mission. As a result, this beautiful young woman has had the same training every other CIA field operative would have and has proven herself capable of survival in the non-psychic world as well.

Having been an agent for some time, Cain has learned who to trust and who not to, and the former list is a whole lot shorter than the latter. For that reason, she has created numerous bolt holes around the world in case things go badly, including a very nice home in the Maldives she is certain no one else knows about. She has bank accounts in numerous spots as well to have ready cash if disappearing becomes necessary. One problem with such precautions, she knows, is that keeping secrets in an agency of psychics is really tough to do. But having these safeguards is vital because with these powers comes terrible temptations to take advantage of them and a friend today could be an adversary tomorrow. Not to mention a whole lot of people without these powers who are extremely untrusting and nervous about those that do.

Which for Cain means having some folks she trusts and quite a few she does not and who do not particularly trust her.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Hear No Evil Hear No Evil
Written by A. K. Alexander
Copyright: 2013

A small group of rogue agents calling themselves 'World Order Now' have kidnapped a young girl named Hope Mitchell who is an audial telepath and may have the ability to connect to other worlds in other dimensions. Kylie Cain feels a connection to her and is determined that she and her team find and rescue the girl.
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2 See No Evil See No Evil
Written by A. K. Alexander
Copyright: 2014

Things are not going well at PSI and Kylie Cain goes on the run along with a newly rescued Hope and fellow agents Noah, a reader of the past, and Ayden, a seer of the future. Hope insists they head to Israel to find an old document of great value before the people at World Order Now get it. The future of everything depends on it.
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3 Speak No Evil Speak No Evil
Written by A. K. Alexander
Copyright: 2015

John Herrel is an agent with PSI who has the ability to heal by touching. He is on assignment to find a chemist who is in possession of the world's nastiest virus. Things have gone pear-shaped on the mission and Herrel finds himself totally alone and missing his love, Kylie Cain, and possibly the only one who can stop a horric outbreak.
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4 Touch No Evil Touch No Evil
Written by A. K. Alexander
Copyright: 2018

As Kylie Cain deals with the terrible news that her love, John Herrel, has gone rogue and is likely a traitor, she must also lead her small team in the freeing of a group of psychics held in a facility and forced to train to be weapons. Even as they work on that mission, they must also handle the fact that the rumored Child of Anarchy who is said to bring the world to its end is about to mature into full power.
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I really like a spy series with a twist and this twist is fascinating in that it adds the element of the paranormal to the mix. But it does so in a way that is not mystical or supernatural, i.e., spooky-ish, but as additional abilities some rare people have which are found to be highly useful as well as highly dangerous and a lot of people do not trust those with them.

Add in the fact that the writing of this series is fast and fun. Not fun as in funny like in ha-ha or cutesy. Fun as in the characters are interesting to follow and the plots are well developed and the dialogue sounds right. This would have made a good television series as long as the makers didn't go all dark and gloomy and scary.

Case in point as to why I liked the series from the beginning: opening scene with Kylie Cain has her cornered in a hotel room by a bad man she was trying to bring down, clad through circumstances in just bra and panties awaiting her team to come through the doors but they haven't yet and he is getting nasty thoughts and she is forced to improvise and ends up shoving a sharp object into his very sensitive area and then the doors crash open. Now she is in a hotel room with several fellow agents, all male, miffed as heck as their delay and suddenly realizing how she is dressed which just makes her even more miffed.

So you take that kind of scene, quite entertaining, throw in psychic abilities and dangers, and you have the Kylie Cain series. I liked it.


My Grade: B+


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