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Full Name: Art Dodek
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: NSU
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. J. Hepner
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Art Dodek is an agent with the NSU.

That acronym stands for the National Security Unit and is a recent creation by the current Canadian Prime Minister who provided it "with more flexible investigative methods and power above that of CSIS, the Canadian spy agency". Its mandate was to "pursue and apprehend suspected terrorists". There seems little doubt that while the NSU would and did go after any threat to the nation of Canada from any source, it was largely created to combat the growing threat of Islamic terrorism.

Dodek is one of the NSU's senior investigators, if senior really holds meaning in a 2-year-old establishment. His experience would certainly qualify him. Prior to the NSU, he had been an intelligence officer with the Canadian military and as such had spent a very long time in the Middle East, particularly Afghanistan, as well as some time in Southeast Asia. His knowledge of the various terror groups from those regions was impressive.

Dodek's passion for his job comes first from his lifelong love of being a cop. Even as a young boy he knew he wanted to go into law enforcement and that interest never wavered. Secondly, Dodek was Jewish and having lived several of his younger years on a kibbutz in Israel and knowing the tensions and terrors felt by both sides, he has greater understanding of motives and intentions that those raised in the West.

Dodek's training is also impressive, again much done before the NSU billet. He had learned the hard way as a kid how to protect himself when his family lived in Vancouver and being Jewish made him the target of a lot of bullying. Then the military trained him to fight with weapons. And then he had sent by Canada to train with Mossad where he learned a lot of profiling and self-defense. Finally, a period of time at the F.B.I.'s training facility at Quantico rounded out his impressive resume.

Dodek is known for being an outstanding agent for two reasons. The first is his ability to get the job done. The second is his inability to keep his comments to himself at times it would be advisable to remain silent. Acerbic and sometimes sarcastic, Dodek can and does rub people the wrong way but since he does bring the results, he is tolerated.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Brave One Strikes Back The Brave One Strikes Back
Written by R. J. Hepner
Copyright: 2014

Joining an FBI/DHS task force, Art Dodek is out to stop the Somali Brotherhood of Jihad which is planning attacks in North America. He is teamed with Consuela Mercado and together they find misdeeds on both sides and plenty of people who want them dead.

2 Protect, Then Defend Protect, Then Defend
Written by R. J. Hepner
Copyright: 2015

Fighting to stop the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister while visiting Canada, Art Dodek and his partner find themself facing trouble from their own side making them think someone in the government is against them. Then Dodek learns something about an old friend has to make a horrible choice between loyalty to friends and to duty.
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One of my many problems has always been my inability to hold in comments that probably should have remained in my head all by themselves not causing trouble for me. The main character, Art Dodek, has the same problem so I kinda felt a kindred spirit with the man right away. Add to that the fact that he is, while not as old as I, is not a spring chicken either and I liked him a bunch.

To me, and I think to him as well, Dodek is a cop working in the anti-terrorism field. He would have been just as happy chasing murderers and arsonists and second-story men and I would have enjoyed reading him doing so. Well done to the author.


My Grade: B+


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