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Full Name: Nick Temple
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jonathan Dyer
Time Span: 2013 - 2021


Nick Temple is an agent with the CIA.

The first recorded adventure takes place in the mid-50's, not quite a decade since the Agency was founded from the foundation of the previous OSS. Temple is quite proud, though he might now show it, to be a charter member of the organization having come over from the OSS when the War was over and the agency created.

As we first meet him, he is in his early 40's with short cut salt & pepper hair and already sporting a small paunch from his days sitting behind a desk rather than being in the field. The field is where he would rather be but with a wife and two children, it is not a place a family man should find himself. Not that the marriage is working out so well but at least not being gone takes away one of the complaints his wife has about him. His complaints about her have to deal with her having too much good looks and too little morality.

We learn that Temple has definitely paid his dues in the spy game. Born in 1917, he enlisted one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some time during the next four years he would be assigned to the OSS and would have considerable experience in the European Theater. Once the CIA was founded, he would be assigned to Germany and would soon be named its Station Chief, holding that position for several years.

During the adventures we have of his, we find him going up against East Germany and its master, the Soviet Union on several occasions and even when he tries to expand his expertise with the advent of the Vietnam Conflict, he will always be drawn back to Berlin and her wall and her hub of spies.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2021

1 Switchback Switchback
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2013

It is the early years of the Cold War. America and the Soviet Union move it seems ever closer to nuclear war. In Berlin, CIA agent Nick Temple, one of the original operatives, must figure out who is killing off agents for both sides as he deals with the KGB, a beautiful double agent, and someone in his own Agency who is a traitor.
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2 The Heraklion Gambit The Heraklion Gambit
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2014

In a prequel to the previous adventure, Nick Temple is the CIA Station Chief in Berlin. He gets wind of a Soviet Union plot to overthrow the government in Crete so they can have a port in the Mediterranean.

3 Silent Vector Silent Vector
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2014

The year is 1962. Nick Temple is in the Virgin Islands on vacation when he discovers a plot by the Soviet Union to unleash vaccine-resistant polio into America. To stop the operation, Temple will need the help of a beautiful agent who can be a distraction.
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4 The Flemish Coil The Flemish Coil
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2017

Nick Temple is relaxing in Hawaii after being in Vietnam to study if the recently escalated War there has any chance of success. He gets word that one of his assets from his days as Berlin Station Chief has been murdered in a spy exchange and he is ordered to head there to find out what went wrong.
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5 The Shadow Chamber The Shadow Chamber
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1966. Iron Curtain intelligence agencies have learned that a top-secret database pointing out the location of every CIA covert operation in Europe is stored along the Austria-West German border. Numerous groups are out to get hold of it and Nick Temple is sent to stop them all.
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6 The Heidelberg Gap The Heidelberg Gap
Written by Jonathan Dyer
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1968. The Prague Spring has been brutally put down with the arrival of thousands of tanks and several hundred thousand Warsaw Pact troops. Nick Temple is a guest lecturer at the University of Heidelberg when he learns of a plan underway to use a large number of Soviet sleeper agents to start an invasion of the West.
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I loved the 60's. Most of them I was just a kid - 7 and on a farm in South Dakota when they started, 17 and enlisting in the Navy when they ended. To me that mostly means that I was there when the sort of things that happen in this really enjoyable series took place - but I would have been too young to understand at the beginning and too fixated on girls at the end.

But after I grew out of all that (well, maybe not the fixation...) I went back and read pretty much every spy novel written in that time period.

Which is why I enjoyed this series so much. It may not have been written during that period but it is written about it. I liked 'em, and you might as well.


My Grade: B+


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