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Full Name: Erin Baker
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patricia Lewin
Time Span: 2004 - 2005


Eric Baker is an agent with the CIA.

Because of a horrific incident that happened to her sister when they were both young, in which the sibling, Claire, was kidnapped and held for four years, Baker is determined to never be unable to take care of herself. In fantastic physical shape, Baker has also earned black belts in three different martial arts discipline, not to mention the firearms training she got when she joined the Agency.

That same event also make of her a fervent champion of the underdog, especially children, and anyone who would inflict harm on a defenseless person and then come into reach of Baker will find the meeting unpleasant if not lethal. Baker does not accept excuses or apologies where kids are harmed.

It is easy to see from our first meeting of Baker, helping out in a training session of Agency cadets, that Baker could be said to have anger issues. Even more, though, is the intense determination to never, ever, be a victim; never to let someone have that kind of power over her.

Baker had worked at the Agency for a few years overseas running agents but when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after, Baker returned to help her sister and her seven-year-old niece, Janie. When we meet, her job consists of teaching "Ethics and International Relations to twenty-year-olds while keeping her eyes open for potentially violent anti-American sentiments among the foreign student population" at Georgetown. She got the gig not only because of the Agency's pull but also because of the PhD in International Studies she had earned before joining the CIA.



Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2005

1 Out Of Reach Out Of Reach
Written by Patricia Lewin
Copyright: 2004

Erin Baker has never forgotten how her sister, Claire, had once been kidnapped and was gone for several years. Twenty years later as a CIA operative, she has made it her primary interest to guard the vulnerable. When several kids disappear in D.C. the FBI agent in charge of the investigation is surprised when Baker shows up to help and even more so when she claims she may have seen The Magician, a child abductor with an almost mythic reputation.
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2 Out Of Time Out Of Time
Written by Patricia Lewin
Copyright: 2005

Though Erin Baker is no long with the Agency, they come to her for another mission. This time it is to join a medical aid organization that may not be on the up-and-up. This will involve her heading to one of its offices, in Cuba, and dealing with its head physician, Emilio Diaz, who is her estranged father. Baker will find her desire to trust her father will go against her training and if she should choose wrong, a lot of people around the globe could suffer.
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     If I had the opportunity to watch a movie or television show about Erin Baker, I think I would spend a lot of time softly groaning over the trouble that she has dealing with other people. The woman definitely has trust issues as well as anger ones. But my groans would come from the fact that it would be very difficult to convey to a viewer what was behind these tendencies.

     As a reader, though, it is a whole different matter. While it takes a while to get into Baker's head, we are able to eventually and to understand how her anger pushes her to really fight for those who cannot defend themselves.

     Baker has made sure she can do the fighting for them.


My Grade: B


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