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Full Name: Biao
Nationality: Chinese
Organization: Chinese Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Kirby
Time Span: 2014 - 2017


Si Biao is an agent with Chinese Intelligence.

He would probably smile at that, true though it is. Biao really considers himself a simple man from simple beginnings wanting little more than a simple life. Life being as it is, of course, he is not going to get it but the road from where he was to where he arrives is an interesting if not explosive one.

In the world that Biao inhabited, China was involved in a quite large war between Pakistan, India, and China over the Kashmir region. All three nations have claimed that area for centuries and the arguments finally lead to conflict and young men are needed at the battlelines and Biao is one of thousands to be called up.

This we learn early on as well as the fact that surviving it will get him posted in a Pakistan largely controlled by China and then, through a set of events quite interesting to follow, he gets noticed by Chinese Intelligence and instead of returning the life he had hoped to live, he is pulled in places he had never heard of to do things he didn't always understand.

Biao is from a very, very poor family who, according to his father, had been poor for generations and would likely continue to be so for many more. That is the attitude that Biao takes with him as life is constantly changing around him but no matter what transpires, it seems that Biao is both the poor sap stuck at the bottom and the incredible survivor who manages through luck and tenacity to make it out again.

When he finally, after a very long sequence of events, is pushed into Intelligence work, it is with a group that calls itself "the Nothing", which will send him to various places in the ever-growing global war.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2017

1 China's Romance With Missiles China's Romance With Missiles
Written by Andrew Kirby
Copyright: 2014

Being from a very poor family, young Biao is not expecting much from life when he is drafted into the Chinese army. After surviving a major war along the Kashmir border, he is expecting even less but is surprised when he is pulled away to be trained as a spy. Life might be looking up. And then China is attacked by what seems to be the entire Muslim world.
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2 Spies, Gold and Greed Spies, Gold and Greed
Written by Andrew Kirby
Copyright: 2017

Biao knows enough to realize how lucky he is to still be alive after the War he was just in. Not only is he still above ground, his reputation is growing and so is the importance, and danger, of the missions he is given. This is especially true as China moves to play an even bigger role in the world politics.
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This is a spy series of sorts. It is mostly a jumbled collection of things happening to poor Biao, a lot of which is standard combat and some of which is Intelligence related. Mostly it is about the incredible things that happen to Biao and how he just kind of falls into things and crawls out again. There is really no sense to a lot of it and more than a couple times I had to go back a page to see what just happened that I missed.

I did not care for these two books but, and this is odd, I kept reading because I was hoping to find something that made it make sense.


My Grade: C+


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