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Full Name: Joshua McCord
Series Name: The President's Man
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Preece, Chuck Norris, Bob Gookin
Time Span: 2000 - 2002


Joshua McCord is an agent for the President.

This position is an unofficial one in that as far as the world is concerned, his actions do not exist and he is not connected to the White House in any capacity but in truth he is the go-to guy when the President has an especially difficult job to be done. We learn fairly early on that every Chief Executive since Abraham Lincoln has had at his covert disposal a highly trained and extremely capable operative to be on call and be a "person he can count on for whatever needs to be taken care of" - "within the bounds of reason and morality". "The position is highly classified. The fact that it even exists to known to very few."

When we first meet McCord, he is nearing the end of his career as the current agent. On a vital mission for the President, he realizes that his reflexes are not as they once were and since things are not going to get better, he seeks the advice of the man that he had replaced years before. That advice was that his new primary goal must be to find a suitable replacement and to train the new guy (or gal) to be what it means to do whatever he is called upon to do.

When McCord is not on a mission for the President, he has a day job as a professor at Dedman University (interesting choice of school). While his exact area of academic teaching is not mentioned, he is shown to be giving a lesson on the Japanese code of Bushido, complete with a very impressive demonstration with a katana. Naturally, when the call comes from the Oval Office, he drops whatever he is doing and responds.

Acting as the buffer between the President and his covert agent is a young woman named Que who demonstrates several times that she can more than hold her own in combat, probably because she is also McCord's daughter.


Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:2000
Last Appearance:2002

1 The President's Man The President's Man
Directors: Michael Preece, Eric Norris
Writer: Bob Gookin
Actors: Chuck Norris as Joshua McCord, Dylan Neal as Deke Slater, Jennifer Tung as Que
Released: 2000

Joshua McCord knows his time of service is coming to an end because of his age so he starts to train his replacement. When the First Lady is kidnapped, he is up for the hunt.

2 The President's Man: A Line in the Sand The President's Man: A Line in the Sand
aka The President's Man II
Director: Eric Norris
Writers: John Lansing, Bruce Cervi
Actors: Chuck Norris as Joshua McCord, Judson Mills as Deke Slater, Jennifer Tung as Que McCord
Released: 2002

The President asks Joshua McCord and his associate to hunt down a terrorist which plans to explode an atomic bomb inside the U.S.


I had seen the movie when it first aired on television but my memory had been really poor because I remembered McCord as being in the Secret Service as his day job, not a professor in Texas, hence my misinformation when I wrote a First Look on him. Luckily I had the chance to rewatch both movies and got my facts straight. I also got to see Chuck Norris, at 60, being a major bad-ass, and that is never a bad thing. Once again it is easy to see why the Bogie Man is afraid of Chuck.

Anyone who knows anything about Norris movies knows what he/she is going to get when watching either of these. I love him, and them!


My Grade: B


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