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Full Name: John Rexford
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kevin Hurley
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


John Rexford is an agent with the CIA.

"To most people, Maj. John Rexford is a retired Marine living in the Catskill Mountains of New York on disability. Even John's girlfriend, Maggie, has no idea he's really a CIA spook recruited in Afghanistan and assigned to kill enemies on US soil."

A couple of things we know right off. He is said to possess "exemplary skills in hand-to-hand combat and small arms weaponry" and he is a devoted cyclist in excellent shape. Both will prove useful in his endeavors.

John's Italian mother's coloring, combined with light brown eyes "allowed him to blend in with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or South American cultures, so long as he maintained a good tan". That tan proved not an issue because as we meet him, he has spent the last seven years in the Afghanistan mountains.

Before his career with the Agency, Rexford was an All-American tight end for Rutgers's football team, taken in the third round of the NFL draft. He chose instead to join the military and serve in the Middle East. He said he had realized that as fast and agile as he was, and he was exceptional, being 5'9 at 165 lbs meant it was more likely he would have sat on the bench for a few years and then "as soon as my spikes hit the turf, they would have crippled me".

Having decided to serve in the military, Rexford chose the Marine Corps. When we meet him he has risen to the rank of Major. "He was one of a handful of Marine Scout Snipers ever to have passed the strenuous Delta Force commando qualifications. Immediately afterward, he was deployed to Afghanistan where the CIA's highly secretive Special Activities Division's (SAD) elite Special Operations Group (SOG) assigned him a handler. Major John Rexford was given a code name, removed from his squadron designation as a Scout/Sniper, and left to work alone in the mountains of northeastern Afghanistan. There are approximately one million four hundred thousand people on the US military active-duty list. His skill set made him statistically better than one in a million."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2016

1 Cut and Cover Cut and Cover
Written by Kevin Hurley
Copyright: 2015

John Rexford was ordered by the CIA to eliminate a terrorist cell and those funding it, which he did. Unfortunately, that was on American soil and now the FBI is hunting this killer even as Rexford is on the trail of another plot, this time to destroy New York City's aqueducts and poison thousands with chlorine gas. Making things even harder, an assassin is also hunting him and targets his girlfriend to draw Rexford out.
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2 Le Tour Finale Le Tour Finale
Written by Kevin Hurley
Copyright: 2016

Since John Rexford is a devoted cyclist, he is the chosen agent of the CIA to join a Tour de France team which is working to stop France from forming an alliance with Russia which would destroy both NATO and the EU. When the mission is blown, he and his partner must rescue the rest of the team from prison and find a way out of the country.
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Okay, I want to say right off that I like John Rexford and if I needed someone on my side to kick butt and take names and help my side win, I would want him there. His boss - no way on Earth. The man is ... well, no.

This is a good action series where the main character has a love of cycling, rather unusual but fun. The chit-chat goes on a bit especially when Rexford's new handler comes to visit but other than that there is plenty of action and lots of excitement.

Since it has been a few years since the last adventure, we may not get any more of his stories but I was glad to get the two I did.


My Grade: B+


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