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Full Name: Captain Maddox
Nationality: British
Organization: S.O.E.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Hayes
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Captain Maddox is a member of the British S.O.E.

That acronym stands for the Special Operations Executive, whose "purpose was to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe (and later, also in occupied Southeast Asia) against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements." The exploits of the members of this organization, where not kept classified, have been extremely impressive and that holds true with Maddox.

Maddox, when we first meet him is an experienced agent. The S.O.E. was created in 1940 and one of its first operatives was Maddox. Since the recorded adventures we have of Maddox start in 1944, he has been around for several quite active years. Moreover, he has one very impressive record showing clearly that the man is quite good at getting the job done. As the job invariably for him means operating in dangerous conditions with little or no backup, Maddox has shown to be a force. He has earned a DSO as well as a DSC for his accomplishments and his name is known to Churchill for his actions.

He has also shown that he does not play the political game at all. As his immediately supervisor growls at him, "Maddox, you're thirty-two-years-old and you've a natural talent for soldiering. By your age, with your experience, you should have my rank [Brigadier]. But your insubordination, your penchant for not going through the proper chain of command, your propensity for disobeying orders..." When Maddox points out that he had never actually disobeyed any direct order, the man countered, "Yes, but you're not exactly renowned for following them, either". In addition to his doing things his own way, Maddox is known for his blunt honesty. He is not rude by any means but he does have a refreshing habit of cutting through malarkey to get at the importance of a matter.

Maddox is a widower. His wife died in an air raid the year before we meet him leaving him with a young son. He has the much appreciated help of his in-laws to tend for the child especially when he is forced to leave on assignments fairly often and be gone for weeks each time.

One other important fact on Maddox that is unpleasant to say but is even more unpleasant for him to have to endure. Shortly after his wife died, Maddox was sent on a mission to Burma and there while in a foxhole awaiting a Japanese squad to ambush, he contracted "bilharzia", aka 'snail fever', "the second-most devastating disease in the world, after malaria". "The burrowing little worms were transmitted by snails so tiny you could barely see them as you waded through muddy waters in Libya or Siam or Ghana." Quite disturbing.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 When Eagles Burn When Eagles Burn
Written by Jack Hayes
Copyright: 2013

It is September 1944. The Nazis know they need a major win if they hope to survive and they have a plan - use specially guided V2 rockets to assassinate key individuals. Their first target is Churchill. Captain Maddox is sent to Finland to find where the research for such a weapon is taking place but there he runs up against people who are also fighting the Soviets, temporary allies of England.
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2 Blood Red Sea Blood Red Sea
Written by Jack Hayes
Copyright: 2015

It is near the end of 1944. Germany has created a powerful uranium bomb which it is sending to Japan for reasons that confuse a lot of folks. They are using a U-boat to do the transferring and it is the job of Captain Maddox to locate and stop that vessel. To help, a multi-national team is assigned to him but as the mission progresses, he must wonder if all those on the team want them to have success.
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3 Saving Hitler Saving Hitler
Written by Jack Hayes
Copyright: 2014

Everyone in England wants Hitler dead so why is Captain Maddox ordered to go behind enemy lines to rescue him? The target is actually one of Hitler's body doubles and he might have informatio that could speed up the end of the war. As he makes progress, though, Maddox has to wonder what his boss is really planning.
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4 No Easy Mission No Easy Mission
Written by Jack Hayes
Copyright: 2015

Discovering a 13th century plague pit in Poland, Nazi extremists in January 1945 have created a research facility to turn the plauge into a weapon to destroy the resolve of the Allies. It is the job of Captain Maddox, supposedly retired, to find the lab and destroy it.
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     To the best of my understanding, this four-book series never made it to the small screen which, IMHO, begs the question, 'Why not?' Maddox would have made a terrific fellow to follow, especially given British television common practice of having a season of 4-6 episodes tell one complete story.

     I know if it had been made, I would have absolutely been tuning in to follow it. Or better yet, binge watch it.

     Maddox's character is a terrific one and his personal life with him missing his deceased wife and trying to see to their son, all while helping fight the War - awesome stuff here.


My Grade: A-


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