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Full Name: Dominic Grey
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Layton Green
Time Span: 2013 - 2017


Dominic Grey is a private investigator.

More specifically, he and his employer, Viktor Radek, are investigators of cults. As such he would likely have never made it into this collection but his history and how he got into his current line of work, not to mention some of the people he takes on as clients or as enemies make him decidedly eligible.

When we meet him in the first recorded adventure, he is and has been for some time employed by the Diplomatic Security branch of the State Department, tasked with the thankless job of keeping American diplomats all around the globe safe as they head into situations both friendly and quite hostile. On the mission we first follow he comes up against a very, very old religious sect and nearly dies from the experience.

He comes away from it with a new calling and a new career, looking into sects and cults and fanaticism all over the world, becoming the person to go to when dealing with such groups.

He did enjoy his time with the DSS although he would have to admit to himself he actually looked forward to trouble in a way. "Most of his days were spent investigating routine visa and passport fraud, and escorting high-ranking government figures to their favorite restaurants. The travel kept it interesting, but outside of a coup or assassination attempt, diplomatic security was not an action-packed profession." As he would be amused about later, be careful what you wish for.

His tenure with the DSS was not always smooth sailing, though. He is told by his friend and sometimes mentor that he had "to play the game". This go-it-his-way attitude is nothing new. He had it while in the Marines Force Recon, nearly getting a court-martial for refusing to fire on a crowd of villagers.. He had it while being recruited, and ultimately passed over, by the CIA when their ethical profiling exams revealed his "moral compass guided him" in places they might not like. It was while considering and rejecting the Foreign Service that he looked in the DSS and liked the chance to travel.

It will be after meeting and working with Professor Viktor Radek, a professor of religious phenomenology, that he really found his calling.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Summoner The Summoner
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2013

A U.S. diplomat is attending a religious ceremony in Zimbabwe, standing in front of hundreds of people with their eyes glued on him. Then he suddenly disappears. Vanishes. Gone. It is the job of Dominic Grey to find him and learn how he vanished. Looking into it, he will learn about a cult older than Western civilization lead by a priest who has some amazing abilities. This priest also is getting a frightening interest in Grey.
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2 The Egyptian The Egyptian
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2013

Dominic Grey is hired by the CEO of an Egyptian biomedical company to find research stolen recently from the firm's laboratory. The data relates to trials for a life extending product and is highly desired by several groups. One of those massacres a team of scientists, killings witnessed by Grey and his partner and now they are on the hit list.
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3 The Diabolist The Diabolist
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2013

Religious immolation is rare but it happens. The priest who dies in such a way in the streets of San Francisco is the latest instance but witnesses claim a robed figure set fire to the man. When a similar event happens in Paris, Interpol asks Dominic Grey and his partner, Victor, to investigate.
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4 The Shadow Cartel The Shadow Cartel
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2015

The General is a man that everyone fears but no one knows. He is a man without a face but able to bring about your death with a mod. He has no base of operations that anyone knows of but rules a vast criminal organization. When word comes via rumor that he is planning something against the U.S., it is Dominic Grey and Viktor Radek who are asked to track down this ghost.
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5 The Resurrector The Resurrector
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2017

A boy in South Africa walked into his small town a month after his funeral. This is just one of many stories arising about a virus that kills but the dead don't stay that way. Interpol calls upon Viktor Radek to study what is going on and he needs Dominic Grey to keep him alive long enough to have a chance.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Reaper's Game The Reaper's Game
Written by Layton Green
Copyright: 2016

Three years ago, a deranged murderer dubbed the Halloween Killer butchered half a dozen people in New Orleans. He was caught and sentenced to die. Just before his execution, the Halloween Killer vowed to take revenge on the district attorney who put him behind bars. Less than a week after the lethal injection, Sebastian Gichaud, a wealthy playboy grieving over the death of his mother, throws on a black cloak and hacks the prosecutor to death with a giant scythe. Not only did Sebastian appear to be fulfilling the serial killer’s last wish -- he claimed that he was the Halloween Killer. Now, as the anniversary of the grisly murder approaches, Sebastian is facing trial. No one will touch the case. In a desperate attempt to save his son, Sebastian’s father hires Viktor Radek, professor of religious phenomenology, to investigate."
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Reading about the cults and sects that Dominic Grey has to go up against is kind of scary. Well, really scary, actually. And being pretty confident that such groups exist and do the sorts of things that Grey finds them doing is enough to make me lock the doors at night, twice.

The writing is excellent and the pacing very good. The antagonists that Grey goes up against are varied nicely but nevertheless share in their creepiness. And I definitely like Grey as a character. He is rebellious enough to be his own person without coming across as arrogant or aloof.

I hope we hear from him again.


My Grade: B+


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