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Full Name: Sean Garrison
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Slaton Smith
Time Span: 2013 - 2020


Sean Garrison is an agent with the CIA.

Our first meeting with him he certainly does not act like an agent, although flirting with the flight attendant could have seemed fitting for the stereotype. He is a traveling businessman who feels himself lucky to have a job that paid alright and which sends him around the world. He shares a house with his friend, Brian, whom he has known since childhood, and Bailey, a lovable Boxer who is also Sean's dog.

This has been going for a while. Prior to that he had worked for a restaurant marketing/advertising agency based out of Cleveland doing work that was alright but nothing great working for a man he did not like that much and getting just a tad more out of shape each month despite pick-up games of Lacrosse. Then a bit of flippant talk on a day his boss was even more annoying than usual and Garrison was out of a job.

A week of doing nothing and enjoying it ended when he gets an email for a job interview with Global Marketing Research offering him the chance for extensive travel throughout Europe and Asia. Things are looking up especially when he lands the job for double his previous pay.

Jump ahead one year and Garrison is 28 years old and enjoying life. He has turned into a bit of a germaphobe, hesitant to touch certain surfaces and mindful about sitting too near people while traveling. He is aware of his new obsession with exercise, pleased that he is in such good shape now but noting that he is often doing pushups until he collapses. He still rooms with Brian and still has Bailey. Life is alright.

Until people start trying to kill him and that crazy though drop-dead-gorgeous woman Stacy came along. Granted, she is trying to keep him alive which is a good thing but he has no memory of her and she is telling him she is in love with him and pregnant with his child.

Things get stranger after that. And fun.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2020

1 Kill On Command Kill On Command
Written by Slaton Smith
Copyright: 2013

Sean Garrison was quite happy with life - then he lost his job. Then he gets picked by the CIA to be an assassin. Then he finds he is really very good at it. Then he meets a beautiful fellow agent and she really complicates his life - not that he needed much help to do so.
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2 The Education of a Killer The Education of a Killer
Written by Slaton Smith
Copyright: 2014

Picking up immediately after the previous adventure, Sean Garrison finds he is not happy with the person he has become and would love to quit. Unfortunately, there are reports of several North Korean terrorist cells ready to strike inside America and the CIA Director thinks Garrison is the best man to stop them.
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3 It's Called Vengeance It's Called Vengeance
Written by Slaton Smith
Copyright: 2017

Life is looking good again for Sean Garrison. New family. He's now a father. No more killing. Then a person from his previous career as assassin shows up ready to ruin his life but the people behind the attack do not want him dead. They want him alive for his DNA. And his daughter's. That makes Garrison more than ready to return to the old him.
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4 No Shortcut Home No Shortcut Home
Written by Slaton Smith
Copyright: 2020

Living in LA and trying to figure out what the future should be for him and his daughter, Sean Garrison comes to the aid of young woman threatened by a street gang. That makes the gang determined to get revenge on him. As he tries to handle that, the CIA Director asks for his help when Iran launches a cyberattack against America.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Killing Ana Molotov Killing Ana Molotov
Written by Slaton Smith
Copyright: 2014

In the first Sean Garrison adventure, we met 'Sandy', aka Ana Molotov. She was not a nice person. Now we get to see her back story and can see when she once was a decent human being and learn how Ana became Sandy.
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     The writing in this series is fast and easy to read. There are few wasted words and it reads more like someone was sitting in the same room as you telling a story with just enough description to set a scene but not enough to detract from the action.

     Sean Garrison is an interesting fellow because he has a couple of 'flaws' that will always keep him from being a 'normal' guy. Mind you, if I wanted a friend who would always be there to have my back, these flaws would be good traits in that person. But they do work to complicate his life.


My Grade: B


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