Full Name: Darien Fawkes
Series Name: The Invisible Man, The I-Man
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matt Greenberg
Time Span: 2000 - 2002


       Darien Fawkes is an agent with The Agency.
       For most of the time we follow his adventures he is an agent. Before that he was a guinea pig in a bizarre experiment. Before that he was a career criminal.
       Fawkes and his brother Kevin were raised by their uncle and aunt when their father abandoned them and soon their mother passed away. The uncle was a scientist and it was from him that brother Kevin got interested in science. Fawkes though was rebellious and spent his time learning how to pick locks and perform other dubious functions that would make his planned life of crime easier.
       As a thief he was, apparently, only mediocre because while he was still fairly young in his adulthood when we hook up with him, he had already spent two sessions in prison, showing he might have been good at things like breaking and entering but he needed work at not getting caught. Our first visit with him was when he broke into a house to rob it, surprised the sleeping old man who lived there, and when the man had a heart attack, Fawkes was faced with the choice of scramming or staying to give CPR. His moral code forced him to do the latter and he got nabbed by the police. It being California and his third strike, he was sent away for life.
       That's when his brother steps in, needing a subject for his experiment on invisibility. Fawkes is told that if he cooperates and
works with his brother and team, he would receive a pardon.
       The experiment is having an artificial gland implanted in his neck which would excrete a substance they called quicksilver (but apparently not mercury despite the two being synonymous). This substance would swiftly exude from all his pore and the gleam would somehow turn him invisible. Over the next few weeks, Fawkes got good enough with controlling the gland that he could even turn things he held invisible as well. But, of course, there was a side-effect. Quicksilver caused his emotions to escalate and anger and lust and other not so good feelings started to control him. It was discovered that unless a counter-agent was applied, Fawkes would fall victim to Quicksilver Madness.
       Fawkes moves from being a lab rat to being a government agent with the Agency when one of his brother's team turns out to be a terrorist who wants the ability to use it in his attacks. A fight ensues and Kevin is killed and the Agency steps in. In exchange for providing the counter-agent, Fawkes would become an operative for them using his ability to turn invisible to pull off all sorts of missions,


Number of Episodes:46
First Appearance:2000
Last Appearance:2002

Vincent VentrescaDarien Fawkes [ 1-2 ]
Paul Ben-VictorRobert Albert Hobbes [ 1-2 ]
Shannon KennyClaire Keeply [ 1-2 ]
Michael McCaffertyAlbert Eberts [ 1-2 ]


       In the scheme of things it seems like this is a fairly recent two-season show but of course it is now two decades. I was not a fan of the show when it was on and only watched a couple of episodes because it seemed determined to go all artsy-fartsy on me with flashbacks and strange lights and background music that seemed more at home in the psychedelic 60's. Plus at the time I did not care for the main character, moral code notwithstanding. I keep meaning to give it another shot but so far, my apprehension based on my memories have won out.


My Grade: B


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