Full Name: Peter Brady
Series Name: The Invisible Man
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ralph Smart
Time Span: 1958 - 1959


       Peter Brady is an agent with British Intelligence.
       No, not really, or at least not a first. When we meet him he is a research scientist at a major secure facility of the British government. His specialty is light wave refraction and it is his belief that the secret of invisibility is with his grasp. He is running one of his experiments on a poor guinea pig when there is a leak of some compound. The detectors in the building catch it and alarms start blaring with security guards racing hither and fro but Dr. Brady, seated right next to the chamber the animal was in, did not shut off the machine in time and was turned invisible. Apparently permanently. [No word on the fate of the animal who also disappeared.]
       Immediately Brady is deemed a state secret and is locked away for reasons that are never quite explained. Brady is a resourceful chap, though, and with the fact that no one can see him, he gets away and races home. Home is a nice-sized house with a picket fence. He shares it with his widowed sister Diane and her young (10-ish) daughter, Sally.
       Whatever is causing his invisibility also affects all natural material he wears, such as cotton and wool, meaning that the clothes he wears, assuming they are made of such things, disappear as well. Swathes of bandages, which look to be made of cotton, do not vanish so he is able to wrap his head and on sunglasses and wear a hat and he looks like an accident victim. Throw in a trench coat, gloves, and pants and he can move about. Doffing those items and quickly unwrapping and instant ultra secret weapon.
       The use to British Intelligence is shown immediately when Brady approaches a fellow lab scientist with the discover only to have the man try to kill him to steal the formula and head out. By single-handedly catching the traitor, Brady shows to Intelligence his worth. After than he becomes an agent with them and handles some very tricky missions both home and abroad.
       Not to mention a personal item or two such as the time Sally suspects one of her friend's mother is about to be killed by her new husband. Or when his invisible status gets more known and would-be robbers kidnap Sally to force him to pull off a bank heist.
       We never see (pun kinda meant) whether Brady is given any special training to do the missions like he is assigned, such as parachuting in his first assignment, but he has his hands full and many a sharp opponent will spot small traces of movement, such as carpet indentations, so while he has a great weapon in not being visible, nothing is perfect.

Amusing line:
Peter: I could gladly murder him in cold blood.
Diane: [chuckle] Well, come along and have your dinner first.


Number of Episodes:26
First Appearance:1958
Last Appearance:1959

Paul CarpenterPeter Brady [ 1 ]
Tim TurnerPeter Brady [ 1 ]
Lisa DanielyDiane Wilson [ 1 ]
Deborah WatlingSally Wilson [ 1 ]


       I was but 6 years old and living in the different country when the U.K. broadcast of this show happened so naturally never saw any of the 26 episodes that came and went quickly.
       Luckily they were preserved and they are, as of this typing, available on YouTube. Watching them now, many items jump out as rather silly and illogical (getting past the whole invisible man shtick) but there are elements which are quite impressively done considering the lack of green-screening and other modern special effects tools. And the plots were not bad at all.
       I enjoyed what I saw and found myself finishing one episode and moving on right away to the next.


My Grade: B


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